Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mix up the Perfect Pitcher with Sauza! #SauzaPitcherPics #SauzaPitcherPics

Summer is heating up so instead of sweating it out and sucking it up, why not mix up a nice cool Margarita pitcher? Our efforts to keep cool during the sweltering months of the summer season usually include activities like going to the beach, taking a dip in the pool or staying indoors to enjoy the exhilarating and comfortable climate from the air conditioner. 

With Sauza Tequila you can have it all! Any setting can be transformed into the ultimate summer paradise destination with a pitcher of your favorite margarita recipe. And with so many variations to the traditional tequila flavors and the countless recipes for the perfect margarita, surely there is at least one to accommodate everyone. Actually, just hearing the word, "Margarita," will usually start the party off right day or night.

With a few fabulous margarita glasses and a nifty pitcher, these yummy cocktails will practically beg to be photographed! Mix up your drinks and take a few pics of your fancy set up. Be sure to use the hashtag, #SauzaPitcherPics so that you can join the fun!

Here are a few Sauza "Pitcher Perfect Picture" survey results to get you in the mood: 
  • More than half (51%) of cocktail drinkers in America who are active on social media are eager to snap photos of their drinks and share them with friends and family. It completes the experience! 
  • Margaritas are the most popular cocktails to order in pitcher form with friends (80%) compared to other drinks like daiquiris (53%) or sangria (49%). Margaritas also reign supreme on social media ~ almost two in three media users (65%) are more likely to share a photo of a margarita than any other cocktail.
  • People are far more likely to share a cocktail photo to record or celebrate an occasion (63%) than to make others jealous (14%); however, more than twice as many men as women (20% vs 9%) admit their motivation is to invoke envy amongst their friends and followers.
  • Nearly a quarter (22%) of cocktail paparazzi have played the role of "photo-editor" by rearranging the table setting or lighting, forbidding friends to take a sip or ordering garnishes to make the drink look more appealing.
  • Nearly three times as many respondents say they post cocktail photos to recommend the drink to their friends or followers (39%) rather than to show off (14%).
  • Americans are most likely to "favorite" or "like" a cocktail photo on social media because it looks appetizing (29%) or is being enjoyed by the people in the picture (22%), rather than if the description sounds appealing (10%).
So, there you have it...even more reasons to mix it up and take the pic. Show us your #SuazaPitcherPics on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and be sure to follow @SauzaTequila to see more great cocktail photos.


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