Thursday, July 2, 2015

#Miami Beach ~ Hidden Gems You Never Knew Existed ~ #Travel

Miami Beach, Florida is a beautiful place to visit...the sun, sandy beaches and the nightlife are spectacular. If you've never visited this amazing city and only seen a few select clips on television, then you may think it's all about the night life. Jumping the velvet rope in a Miami Beach nightclub is one thing ~ viewing Miami Beach from the luxurious penthouse of the Hilton-Bentley South Beach is quite another!

Many travelers vacation south for the winter in Miami Beach, home to numerous bars, lounges, the hottest venues and vibrant night clubs, but if you're looking for luxury you may need to look past the neon signs into a more secluded spot. The Hilton-Bentley penthouse is definitely one of the Miami Beach's best kept secrets, and who's located in the center of it all!

A spiral staircase leads you to one of the most luxurious hotels in this fast paced city on the beach. The one of a kind panoramic view is by far one of the best features of the Penthouse Presidential Suite at the Hilton-Bentley. Guests can sink into the private pool with a view, and relax in a roof-tip whirl pool. The panoramic ocean view throughout the entire dual lever suite isn't even the extent of luxury. This oasis of luxury actually extends beyond the terrace as the 3,500 square foot space is centered by Miami Beach's hottest venues offering the ultimate South Beach experience.

Coveted by the most well-known celebrities, politicians, and athletes, each of the two king bedroom suites feature marble bathrooms with whirlpool tubs, walk-in closets and private ocean front terraces. A full kitchen, dining and living room, along with an extra half-bath will have you calling this exclusive suite "home" as soon as you receive your room key from the hotel's courteous and attentive staff. 

This ocean front presidential suite is the perfect start and finish to a weekend getaway or summer vacation. Whether you spend a night or a week in this room on the beach, the presidential suite offers features and amenities that you don't want to miss and once you experience it, you won't ever look at another hotel room in the same way. 

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  1. I'm from Arizona and would not only love to visit Miami but also stay at this's amazing!!! Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to see the finer things in life!

    Julie Says


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