Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Love Flowers? Do-it-Yourself with a Boost from Bloominous! #DIY

Let's say you have a special event coming up soon, such as a wedding, baby or bridal shower, anniversary party or even a quinceanera.You want everything to be perfect but there's a budget to abide by and to top it off, you or someone you know is pretty crafty. What do you do? Spending hours coming up with a gorgeous floral design and then making countless trips to the store to purchase supplies can be tedious if not absolutely frustrating. I've discovered a company that will take the frustration and work out of this type of DIY project...Bloominous!

The Bohemian Collection

Bloominous has committed to making DIY flowers easy for everyone and has basically boiled it down to three important things.

A real partner who understands DIY

The designers at Bloominous are so much more than wedding florists. They are actually just like you, people with a passion for floral design and a dedication to making it successful for the customer.

Access to everything you need

Everything you need to make fabulous flower arrangements is included. No more visit multiple stores. Bloominous has partnered with some of the best floral farms to provide you with beautiful blooms, vases, ribbons, pins and wires. Everything you need to make the arrangements on their site.

Fast Track DIY

You receive a fully prepared kit so that when you receive it, you're ready to go with step-by-step photo instructions for your arrantements. The flowers you receive are cut to order, de-thorned, trimmed and properly hydrated with nutrients so that they are stunning when they get to you.

Bloominous is so confident that you will absolutely love their products and stand behind them with a 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee. I don't think it can get much easier to prepare stunning arrangements for an important event and with the awesome guarantee, Bloominous is a winner in my book!

Visit the Bloominous website to view all of the collections. Get social with Bloominous on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. These are totally beautiful, and they're really not that over priced.


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