Monday, July 20, 2015

Getting the Best Gelato Products & Supplies for your Business

Whether you are buying gelato supplies for your gelateria or for your frozen yogurt or ice cream parlor where you also sell gelato, you want to have the essential gelato products that are from premium quality gelato suppliers and yet are available at surprisingly competitive prices and with fast FREE domestic shipping within the continental United States. 

Vibrant Colors

You also want your spoons and containers to catch the eye of your customer with a vibrant look and with personality and flair, and you can do that with four-inch long Solid Color Spoons in purple, blue or green or cups in Neon Pink or Neon Yellow.

Gelato Spoons

Choose from a large assortment of disposable gelato spoons also available in multicolor and crystal as well as the solid color spoons mentioned above.

Gelato Cups

Find a wide and vast inventory of high quality industry standard gelato paper cups in different styles and materials that will match your particular d├ęcor and work well with your budget. Also available are plastic cups with lids as well as paper and foam to-go containers. 

Gelato Scooper 

This 2 2/3 ounce Gelato Scooper is the ideal way to scoop just the right amount of gelato each time. The ergonimically designed handle helps to allow your employees to scoop perfectly and with ease.

Transparent Color Handled Spatula

This spatula comes in clear, red and yellow. It is best used for extruding and serving gelato but is a multi-use tool and can be used for other things as well.

Personalized Products

Customized attractive gelato cups with the printing of your individual logo become the perfect advertisement and a way to spread your brand. This is a cost-effective and short turn-around time simple way to market your business while your customers are enjoying delicious desserts and carrying the cups around in view for all to see!

Browse at your convenience

Browse online 24/7 to view and purchase the needed supplies with a free quote, no minimum order, ask any questions you may have, get advice from a friendly customer service staff, and then be able to serve your gelato in style.

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