Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#AntMan ~ Paul Rudd receives a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Today Paul Rudd, the star of Marvel's Ant-Man, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wow! I've always thought he was an awesome actor and when I see that he's one of the starts in a new film, I immediately want to see it because I know he's going to be awesome! 

His "Ant-Man" co-star, Michael Douglas and Director, Peyton Reed were both on hand for this celebration. 

"I remember being a kid and walking this boulevard and reading the names and thinking about what so many other millions of people thought about, which is, "Who's that?" Rudd said, "The fact that millions of people are going to be able to now see me and ask that same humbling beyond belief."

What an amazing day for Paul Rudd and an amazing month as well, with "Ant-Man" playing in theaters everywhere on July 17th.

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