Thursday, June 4, 2015

Top Tips for Getting the #Kids Out and About This #Summer

Remember the days when we were kids? In the summer you couldn’t keep us in the house. We’d be outside playing, climbing trees and bruising our knees. Nowadays, it seems like kids just want to sit inside and watch TV. Or play computer games. Or both! If you want your children to have the same experiences as you did, then you’re going to need to get them out of the house. Here’s some top tips on how to do just that.

First thing’s first, unplug all those devices! Let your children know that there’s going to be a limit on how much time they can spend on their phones, tablets and games consoles. As well as being in front of the TV. They won’t want to spend all their time indoors if there’s nothing to do.

Child-Friendly Garden
Make sure your garden is child-friendly before telling them to go out and play. No kid wants to sit in long grass, twiddling their thumbs. Invest in some fun garden accessories that they can enjoy. Also, make sure that there’s nothing dangerous for them to get hold of. This will give you peace of mind when they’re outside playing.

Treasure Hunt
Set up your very own treasure hunt outside. If you don’t have a garden big enough for this, then take it to the park. It doesn’t take long to write up some clues and hide them around. Reward them with an ice-cream when they’ve completed all of the tasks. Try turning it into a scavenger hunt, by asking them to collect certain things. Twigs, leaves, and little trinkets you’ve hidden away.

Get Some Wheels
The best thing about children spending more time outside is that it gives them plenty of opportunity to get active. Consider buying them a bicycle or a scooter. Or, the increasingly popular Razor Ripstik. They’ll be far more likely to go outside if it means they can spend hours zooming around on their new bike.

Family Outing
Instead of telling your children to go outside and play all the time, join them! During the summer holidays there are plenty of events and adventures for you all to enjoy. Head to the zoo, picnic in the park, or simply go for a family stroll. The more time you spend outside with them, the more time they’ll spend outside on their own.

Arts and Crafts
If you’re looking for fun ideas for your children to do outside, consider arts and crafts. The best thing about doing this outside is that there’s no mess to clean up! Buy a plastic table and chairs for the garden, some paint, and some paper. Let them create pretty pictures to hang up on the garden fence. Alternatively, give them some activity sheets to work on in the garden.

Wildlife Watching
One of the most amazing things about the outdoors is the amount of wildlife you can spot. Plant some wildflowers to encourage critters to come into your garden. You may also want to invest in a bird feeder. Teach your children about all of the different types of animals and insects, that make their way into the garden. They’ll want to keep watch all day outside!

It can be tough work trying to get your children to spend more time outside at first. However, as soon as they realise how much fun can be had, you won’t be able to get them back in!

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