Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#DreamWorks: Heirs to Madagascar's Royal Throne are Born!

In a milestone for the Planet's most threatened group of mammals, the Duke Lemur Center welcomes two baby Ring-Tailes Lemurs ~ both named in honor of King Julien XIII...Princess Julien!

Princess Julien and her sister Princess Julien were born on May 4th, but their birth was announced today following a month of careful monitoring. In an upset worthy of the tabloids, King Julien was shocked by the news that his heir apparent was not a boy ~ as he had anticipated following a prediciton by his psychic adviser, Masikura the chameleon. But that his royal lineage would be secured with the birth of two females. Nonetheless, Julien was elated and decreed that both infant lemurs would be named Princess Julien.

Fans of King Julien can get regular updates about the growth and developemnt of Princess Julien and Princess Julien by visiting the King Julien Facebook page or the Duke Lemur Center Facebook page.

To learn more about the Duke Lemur Center and its activities, visit Episodes of All Hail King Julien can be found on Netflix at

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