Saturday, June 13, 2015

#Comicpalooza 2015 was a BLAST!!

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to not only attend Comicpalooza 2015 in Houston, but also to be an Official Comicpalooza Blogger

If you've never attended this annual event or one similar, you are definitely missing out on a lot of fun. Instead of going alone, I invited my oldest daughter, her boyfriend, my two young sons and my brother for a weekend filled with super heroes, costumes and some great family memories. 

One of the most amusing and exciting things about attending Comicpalooza was that so many people were dressed in costumes. Now, costumes are nothing new for my sons wear costumes more than they do regular clothing, but this was a bit different. If you're not familiar with Cosplayers, they dress up as their favorite comic book characters and there are even Cosplay competitions and also those who are professional Cosplayers like Spencer Doe. I had the opportunity to interview Spencer prior to Comicpalooza and was enlightened about the entire experience and profession. This year, Spencer Doe's costumes included Predator, Spawn and Aquaman. I knew my boys would be excited to take a picture with "Predator" but thought it was cool that my brother and my two older "kids" were excited as well! 

Read my interview with Spencer Doe HERE

In addition to the many Cosplayers, professional and amateur, there were also celebrities in the house! This was truly exciting, I mean who doesn't want to meet and possibly get a picture with a celebrity? I also had a "Press Pass" so there were several celebs that allowed us to take pictures and talk with them for a few minutes without purchasing a photo opp. This was really cool! 

Another celebrity that I met was Ted DiBiase...The Million Dollar Man! This was definitely a blast from the past as I remember watching him wrestle years ago. Not only did I get to meet him in person but before the event I was able to speak with him on the phone for an interview. It was awesome to talk with him and be able to find out what he's been up to since his days as a professional wrestler and also get the inside scoop to what it was like back in the day! 

Read my interview with Ted DiBiase HERE!

My brother was able to meet, talk with and take a picture with one of his favorite bands, GWAR. I honestly didn't know much about them but just look at the costumes...they were very impressive! 

The highlight of my daughter's Comicpalooza was meeting actress, Laurie Holden. My daughter is a HUGE Walking Dead fan and was super upset when "Andrea" was killed on the show and couldn't wait to meet her. Luckily, Laurie was super nice, friendly.and very sweet. She talked to us for a bit and had her assistant take a picture with us. She even wanted to adopt my daughter and take her home! Lol! I told her I wouldn't mind sharing with her! 

In addition to the countless Cosplayers and celebrities, there are tons of vendors, all with the most fascinating items, from t-shirts to collectible paintings and prints and everything else you could possibly think of wanting. There is something going on at all times, so much that it was impossible for us to see everything. There were celebrity panels, roller derby events, games and workshops.

Overall attending Comicpalooza was an amazing experience and one that we plan to do every year from now on. My sons are already planning their costumes for next year! If you have the chance to go, I highly recommend doing so and planning your weekend...whether it's purchasing tickets, booking a hotel or even making parking reservations, planning ahead ensures that your weekend plays out as smooth as possible. 

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June 17 -19, 2016

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