Sunday, June 28, 2015

Amwell ~ Convenient Online Health Care ~ #ad

*This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.

There are always situations that call for medical advice but do not necessarily mean a trip to a doctor's office. Almost no one that I know likes to visit their doctor and when you're sick, you'd actually prefer not to go anywhere. That's where Amwell comes into play! Amwell is consists of a network of providers that are available to you online and is ideal for times when you are on the go or simply don't want to visit a crowded waiting room. Anytime you need it, Amwell is there to help.

I signed up for Amwell and spend quite a bit of time navigating through the website and checking out all of the options and services. It's very simple to get started by visiting the Amwell website or even downloading the convenient app. Once signed in, a list of currently available doctors who are licensed in your state will be listed. You simply choose one and connect to get started. In addition to using the online service, the physicians are also available on the telephone. With either method of contact with Amwell physicians are not only able to give medical advice but are also able to write prescriptions, which is awesome! 
I used the Amwell online health service for advice about my son. Boys will be boys and we live pretty far out in a rural area so things like ticks are quite common. I contacted an Amwell physician for advice on not only removing the tick properly and safely but also for some advice on the risks Lyme disease and ways to help prevent an embedded tick. 
If you're wondering about the cost, that's a great question! The good news is that some insurances cover the cost of online medical care and for those services not covered, Amwell only charges $49 for a 10 minute consultation. Sometimes all you need is a short consultation and the price for this is much lower than most co-pays and office visits. Another bonus is that you can get this service without leaving your home.
If you would like to try Amwell, we have a valuable discount code that will save $40 off your first visit. $9 is much less expensive than any co-pay! 
Discount Code: LOVEAMWELL40

Download the Amwell app on iTunes and the Google Play Store

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