Monday, June 8, 2015

all® Laundry Introduces all® Radiant ~ Long Live Your Clothes!

Our clothes take a beating and after exessive laundering, whites can look dingy and colors will begin to fade. This is definitely a concern for anyone who handles the laundry in any household. With two young boys, I do loads and loads of laundry every week, but also expect that my son's clothing will last so that I can try to pass them down while they still have their shape and color intact.

New all Radiant addresses my laundry concerns with its patented Fiber Shield Technology, which helps to protect colors and makes dingy whites look whiter. This is especially interesting to me. Not only do I want to get as much wear out of our clothes as I can, but some of them hold fond memories for our family. If you've ever had a favorite t-shirt that reminded you of a special event or person, then you know exactly what I mean. Those type of items are worn and laundered more than others but we still want to preserve them as much as possible.

From Lora Van Velsor, V.P. of Marketing for all ~ 
"all Radiant was developed through a deep understanding of the needs of busy families. We use a national 365-day consumer survey (a laundry diary of sorts) to uncover needs and desires not currently being met by detergents in the category. One of the universal challenges we uncovered was extending the life of clothes, especially for moms with multiple kids in the household. all Radiant is a perfect solution, it not only helps clothes look newer longer but at a great value vs. those more expensive detergents."

This brand continues to be an innovation leader in the laundry room for sensitive skin as well. Earlier this year, all Free Clear Dryer Sheets were named Better Homes and Gardens' Best New Product. Furthermore, the number 1 detergetn brand recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin, is introducing two new sensitive skin products that are available nationwide:

1. all Free Clear OXI Mighty Pacs is a convenient, hypoallergenic, advanced cleaning solution for those with sensitive skin. It is the only single dose OXI detergent on the market especially designed to be gentle on skin.

2. all OXI Laundry Booster for sensitive skin provides an easy stain-fighting boost in the laundry without irritating skin because it is 100% free of dyes, perfumes and chlorine. The booster can also be used to safely remove stains around the house.

*At 15% less per load than the leading booster brand, all OXI Laundry Booster for sensitive skin is sure to fit every budget!

Disclosure: I received one of the above products in exchange for this post on behalf of all Detergent.

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