Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Advice For Getting Kids Interested In #Sewing ~ #KidsActivities

Learning to sew can be a fun experience, and it can’t be understated just how useful a skill sewing can be. Sewing can be fun for kids too, and there are a lot of patterns out there they can try their blossoming skills on - and for you to try with them, like Disney outfits.

The first tricky step is getting kids interested in sewing in the first place, and making it fun and safe for them at the same time. sites like www.GrandmaLikesToSew.com have lots of tips on finding the right machine, and can be very helpful - but as for making it fun here’s some help.
Getting started

If you think your little one is too little to get started, you could be mistaken. With infants, it’s all about touch and getting acquainted with the different textures in the world including different materials. This helps with their development in general, and while they won’t actually be making anything for a while it will do them good over the longer term.

Soft toys and even clothing can be very good starting points. If you have different types of fabrics, and you don’t want to let them loose on your favourite dress, fabric scraps that are of sufficient size can be useful exploration tools too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that children learn from mimicking adults, so if your child can see you sewing then an interest should begin to develop naturally. The process of repairing something can be a source of great interest for kids too, so seeing something put back together and made whole again can help with developing a practical approach to life.

Taking children to craft shops and fares is a good way to develop their interest too, and exploration of the different threads, materials and the machines can be an adventure for you both.

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The sewing machine

Sewing machines can be tricky for adults to learn, and so can be even more difficult for smaller hands and feet. It’s best to wait until your child is old enough, and big enough, to actually operate your sewing machine before allowing them too.

In the meantime there are sewing machines made with kids in mind that they can use to practice and create on. Whichever way that you decide to go, the usage of a sewing machine should be supervised very closely. Also, instead of getting right into it, ask your little one for help with your own project and ask them to choose things like stitching types and ask for help with threading.

Small things like these can help develop their own skills, without having to throw them off into the deep end of the sewing pool. This way, they will be more prepared and confident later and lowers the risk of accident.

With the right help, patience and support your child will be well on their way to a very rewarding hobby - as well as being able to develop an important skill for later on in life. Creativity is an important part of development for all children, and sewing can be very creative!

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