Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Family Gathering: What To Wear?

Choosing what to wear for a family gathering isn’t always easy. This task becomes even more complicated in spring when it’s pouring with rain one minute and blistering sunshine the next. As well as weather appropriate, you also want your outfit to be smart, stylish and comfortable. If you are likely to be running around after your children all day at the gathering, then the comfort factor is of particular importance.

It’s pretty challenging, right? So, to make this less of a nightmare for other busy Moms out there, here are some outfit suggestions for your next family gathering. I hope you find an ensemble in here that ticks all the boxes, or that you can easily adapt to suit your tastes and requirements.


Outfit idea 1: Black maxi dress, long cardigan, and leather sandals.

The reasons why I love this outfit:
  • It’s simple. There are only three main components, and they are neutral. Therefore, you don’t have to fuss over matching colors and styles.
  • It’s comfortable. Maxi dresses are among the most comfortable garments I’ve ever worn! They are lightweight and breathable, so great if the weather is hot at the gathering. The cardigan can easily be taken off and put on depending on the weather.

  • And with flat sandals you can run around after your kids or help out without getting sore feet.
  • It’s versatile. Each part can be worn again with various different outfits.
  • It can be dressed up. If your gathering is a fancy one, you can use jewelry, a bag, scarf or headwear to jazz it up.

Outfit idea 2: Plain sweater, shirt, printed floral pants, peep-toe heels.

The reasons why I love this outfit:
  • It’s vibrant. Spring is the perfect time to add some bright colors and floral prints into your wardrobe.
  • It’s glamorous. The printed pants and peep-toe heels add a touch of glamor but without it being over the top.
  • It’s practical. The layering of the sweater and shirt mean you are prepared for both warm and cool weather.
  • It’s versatile. Good quality sweaters can be worn all through spring, autumn and winter with so many different outfits. My favorite are authentic Irish knit sweaters. If you are interested, you can browse and buy Irish clothing from Aran Sweaters Direct.


Outfit idea 3: Loose blouse, skinny jeans, strappy sandals.

Reasons why I love this outfit:

  • It’s comfortable. Loose fitting blouses are flattering on everyone. But as well as being stylish they also keep you cool in the warm weather and when you are rushing around.
  • It’s easy. This outfit is effortlessly stylish. It’s very difficult to go wrong with this ensemble.
  • It’s versatile: You can play around with different prints and colors for the blouse and various styles of jeans depending on your body shape and fashion sense.
  • It can be dressed up. You can add accessories and increase the size of the heel on the strappy sandals to make this more of a glamorous outfit.
I hope that these outfit ideas help you out for your next family gathering. If you have any suggestions to share, please do!


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