Thursday, May 7, 2015

Race against time for TEAM UMIZOOMI ~ Meet Shark Car!

It's a race against time for Team Umizoomi in their newest DVD adventure!

Milli, Geo and Bot are back with all new friends and adventures in the brand new DVD, Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car! My five year old son has watched Team Umizoomi since he first discovered television and to this day is still a big fan. He didn't waste any time opening this DVD when we received it for review, that's for sure!

Your child is invited to join Team Umizoomi as they use their mighty math powers to find Shark Car and return him to their friend Jose. In addition to this fun episode, kids will also enjoy three more episodes featuring the team!

Team Umizoomi ~ Meet Shark Car includes the following episodes:
  • Shark Car - Team Umizoomi jump into action to find Shark Car and get him back to their friend Jose before the ferry leaves.
  • Umi Toy Store - The team travles through a giant store to find their friend Colin's coins so he can purchase his favorite toy, Sparkle Pup.
  • Stompasaurus - Team Umizoomi must travel to the aquarium, bowling alley and ice cream store to find Stopasaurus' toy pieces and bring them to their friend Wyatt.
  • Lost and Found Toys - Milli, Geo and Bot set out to return missing toys to their rightful owner in Umi City.

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