Friday, May 15, 2015

Play music from your mobile device & light up your home at the same time! @AwoX

Music can be so relaxing and actually mood changing if you think about it. Just hearing one of my favorite songs can instantly change my mood from down in the dumps to happy and ready to take on the new day! When I do listen to music in my home, I basically have to have my phone with me all the time since my smartphone is the device that pretty much has everything I use and need. 

If you're like me and don't own a fancy surround sound system and would prefer something much more subtle and advanced then you seriously need to check out these products from AwoX. 

I received two awesome lighting products, one is the AwoX Striim Light with WiFi and the other is the AwoX Striim Light Mini Color bulb. Both are amazing and unlike anything I have ever seen before. 

The AwoX Striim Light with Wifi is one of those high tech products that you'll fall in love with and wonder how you ever managed without it. It's an LED light bulb with built in wireless bluetooth speaker and an infrared remote control so you can access the light and the speaker from anywhere in your room. Pair it with any device that you can play music on, like your smartphone or even a tablet. 

This WiFi music light basically is a light bulb with a speaker and will fit into any standard lamp socket just like your average light bulb would fit. After you have installed the Striim Light into your lamp, then simply download the app, pair it with your device and voila! You have music and lighting all in one place! The sound quality is excellent and you can adjust the volume and lighting. I love having this in my makes me feel very high tech and like I have a built in stereo system but better! 

The AwoX Striim Light Mini Color bulb is just as technologically advanced but with a different get color! All of the features are pretty much the same technology with that added bonus to give your room a little extra pizazz! My light is blue and to me that is a  very soothing color. It relaxes me and is calming. Perfect for the bedroom if you ask me!

Visit the AwoX website for more information and other cool lighting!

Disclosure: I received the above products for review, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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