Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Interview with #Cosplay Star ~ Spencer Doe!

Whether you consider yourself a comic guru, super hero fan, movie buff or simply a geek or nerd, Comicpalooza is the place to be during Memorial Day weekend. 

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Cosplayer, Spencer Doe, who will be one of the guests this year at this mega Houston event!

Me: To start off, what influenced you to start Cosplaying?

Spencer: I went to my first convention and wasn't wearing a costume but saw these two guys dressed as Batman and Robin. They were having a great time and interacting with fans. I was really inspired by how much fun they were having. I started Cosplaying in 2008, but prior to that I would visit sick kids at the Shriner's Hospitals in my area for charity appearances and events.

Me: That’s awesome! Which convention was your first Cosplay appearance?

Spencer: My first convention was Super Mega Fest in Framingham, MA. It's a smaller con with a different type of atmosphere, but you get to see the celebrities up close and even hang out with them at the after parties.

Me: Since you've attended countless conventions, which one stands out as the most memorable for you? 

Spencer: Definitely Comicpalooza 2013. It was the first time I was a guest and it was a really cool experience. That was also my first time coming to Texas and it blew my mind that someone actually wanted me to be a guest.

Me: Well, here we are just a few years later and you're more popular than ever! But with so many professional Cosplayers out there, what do you feel sets you apart from the crowd?

Spencer: I do try to put my own spin on certain characters. When taking photos I really get into character and try to make the experience memorable for the fans. I let people hold my props or I might use a prop on them! For my Spawn costume, I made the chains with wire so they were posable ane would be perfect for photo opps.

Me: Since we’re talking about props, I saw that you actually found an axe at Walmart and were making it your own for one of your costumes. Is that the part of Cosplay that you enjoy the most?

Spencer: Yes, I was walking through Walmart and saw the axe and said, “I can paint that and add my own details”, plus it only cost me about 7 bucks. I enjoy the entire process of creating…everything from choosing fabrics and materials to putting a finished garment on.

Me: What is the most exciting aspect of Cosplay for you?

Spencer: Most exciting? Sometimes I question that but I do love making and painting the costumes. I love the conventions and being able to see how celebrities's kind of cool to see them in a different world.

Me: Out of all of your Cosplays, which one was the most fun to make and which was the most fun to wear?

Spencer: Predator was probably the most fun but with Spawn I learned different techniques and had a lot of fun putting my own spin on things.

Me: All time favorite costume?

Spencer: Batman. For fan reaction, it has to be Batman. Everyone knows Batman. He's known universally.

Me: How long does it typically take to make one of your Cosplay outfits?

Spencer: It varies but I'm also a procrastinator when it comes to finishing something. With Spawn, I actually started a few months ago and I'm just now finishing it. Once you work on something for so long, you need to find that motivation and inspiriation to start it again.

Me: Is there a costume that you would love to create but fear it will never be finished?

Spencer: My Apocalypse costume. I've wanted that one for years. Goliath from Gargoyles too. It's huge and my "Mona Lisa." I still need to learn a lot to make it look the way I want it so it's on the back-burner for now.

Me: Wow! I can't wait to see that one! Your fans will love it! So what would you say is the funniest or most embarrassing convention moment for you?

Spencer: Stan Lee. I was getting out of the elevator at a convention and I was wheeling the luggage cart out and didn't see the older gentleman in front of me waiting to get on. I almost drove over him and I had no idea who he was. I looked over and thought, Oh God, it's Stan Lee, then I apologized. He smiled and said, "Excelsi...No worries, have a good day." I did accidently hit someone with my Predator spear once too!

Me: That's hilarious! Tell me, what do your friends and family think of you being so involved in Cosplay?

Spencer: A lot of my friends do this too so they are pretty supportive although some think it's a little weird. My brother thinks it's kind of cool. He helped me a few years ago and had a blast!

Me: Do you have any advice for future and novice Cosplayers?

Spencer: I always tell people to find something or a character that you love and put your own spin on things. Make it your own because then you'll have the passion for it. Take your time...I've rushed through many costumes and then I'm not satisfied and wished I'd spent a little more time on them.

Me: Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me...but I do have one more question. What will you be wearing at Comicpalooza this year? Or is that a surprise?

Spencer: No surprise...Spawn, Batman, Aquaman and Predator!

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