Sunday, May 31, 2015

#SpongeBob SubPants Adventure New Immersive experience at Moody Gardens! #Galveston @usfg #moodygardens

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Summer is here and if you're like my family, you're looking for a few fun ideas for the family. Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas is one of the Houston area's favorite attractions and this year as an added bonus, SpongeBob will be there! Awesome!

Dive into adventure on a submarine voyage along with SpongeBob and all of your Bikini Bottom friends. On this wild and silly deep-sea adventure, YOU choose the destination and YOU interact with your hapless captain ~ Patrick Star! The SpongeBob SubPants Adventure is new for 2015 and my kids can't wait to go!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Adjustable Beam Focus LED Headlamp Review

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I received a very useful product for review...the Adjustable Beam Focus LED Headlamp from YKS. I've seen these headlamps in the past but never had the opportunity to actually use one until recently. 

A few weeks ago my car broke down it and of course it was at night. I couldn't locate a flashlight anywhere but remembered that I had this headlamp in my car. It was perfect! A friend came to help me out and used the headlamp to see under the hood of my car and was able to get me going quickly. 

Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair ~ A New Level of Innovation! @BestBuy @Samsungtweets #masteryourhome #ad

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**The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.**

In a household with kids, there are so many chores that need to be taken care of on a daily basis and laundry is definitely one of those chores. As a Mom of four children I can't afford to rely on just any washer and dryer, I need something that is not only going to do the job, but go above and beyond what other laundry appliances offer.

I received the most amazing laundry pair for review and I can honestly say that this Samsung Washer and Dryer fit the bill! My two young boys are rambunctious, rowdy and always on the go and their clothes certainly show the results of their active lifestyle. Boys will be boys, as they say, so this Mom is in pure heaven with the Samsung Active Wash Laundry Pair.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

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Clear, radiant and smooth skin is what most of us are seeking. For many different reasons, our skin doesn't always look and feel like we would like it to, so the quest for an effective product becomes our focus. 

My daughter has had a problem with blackheads and acne for the last few years and we've tried countless products. A few of them were effective but most did nothing to improve her skin condition. I was able to review Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask and when I received it, I immediately thought of her. As much as I love a great facial mask, I knew that she needed it more than I did. 

By adding the Dead Sea Mud Mask to her skin care routine, she immediately saw results and improvement. The mask simply pulled out the impurities and left her with soft, clean skin. She's even used the Dead Sea Mask as a spot treatment for occasional break-outs with the same results. 

I've seen lots of advertisements and stands in the mall with Dead Sea skin care products, and usually they are very expensive and out of my reach but Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask is completely affordable and works great. 

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

Sport Neckband Hands-free #Headset Review

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I received this Sports Neckband Hands-Free Headset for review and if you've never tried a headset designed like this, then you are missing out! Gone are the days of old fashioned headphones because today's headphones are made not just for great sound but for comfort as well!

MY LITTLE PONY TALES: The Complete Classic TV Series on #DVD!

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Let's go back to 1986!!

What a great year...I clearly remember this particular year, but in order not to give my age away so freely, I'll just leave it at that! 

Ponyland is full of excitement, if you know where to find it, and now all of your favorite My Little Pony Tales are finally collected in one amazing set! Join the 7 Pony Friends ~ Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon ~ for 13 episodes of outrageous fun! Games, picnics, ice cream shops, roller derbies and even UFOs...nothing is off limits when it comes to grand Pony adventures!

Eyeglasses Rx: If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself!

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Zenni Optical created a successful ecommerce business by doing something few people thought was possible in 2003, the year the company was founded: We started making and selling affordable, high-quality prescription eyeglasses online.

Every day, tens of thousands of people from all over the world visit our site at to view our online catalog of more than 6,000 frames. We sell glasses in virtually every style – trendy, geeky, sporty, conservative, edgy – and prices start at just $6.95, so customers who can’t afford big-box retailer prices can buy the glasses they need, while others can purchase several pairs to match their mood – or outfit.

But the key to our success is that we develop the highest quality lenses of any other online retailer. Unlike some competitors, we do it ourselves to make sure every pair of eyeglasses meets our high standards. Here’s how:

Enter to #win Strange Magic on #DVD! #Giveaway

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We have one more chance for our AWESOME readers to win Strange Magic on DVD!
Enter below and bring the magic home...

"Strange Magic" is a music-filled fairy tale about finding true love in the unlikeliest of places. This magical adventure features a host of colorful characters including a princess who has sworn off love, a dubious villain, a slightly nutty Sugar Plum Fairy, a tenacious elf, a mischievou imp and a knight who is no Prince Charming. Bring home the enchanting tale the whole family can enjoy today!

Bonus features: Magical Mash Up, Out-takes, Test and Melodies and Creating the Magic

Dream Large ~ Live Larger with @EntourageMovie ~ #HornitosTequila #Recipes

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"At the end of the day, this is a fantasy ride." ~ Adrian Grenier

The boys are back and this time, on the big screen! HBO's hit television series is making its cinema debut in the "Entourage" movie on June 3rd and Hornitos Tequila has a few cocktail suggestions for the upcoming premier ~ perfect for your own entourage!

Enjoy a few Entourage-themed cocktail recipes to toast the much anticipated film or while binge watching past episodes at home while you're getting pumped up for the movie release!

Discover how to borrow against your Life Insurance Policy when you need it the most.

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I think most of us have been affected by serious illnesses in one way or another. We've either experienced the unfortunate condition ourselves or have a close friend or relative who has been diagnosed with such an illness. 

Although not terminal, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost seven years ago. Due to my surgery and then treatments, I lost time at work which resulted in a financial struggle for my family. The added stress of my health predicament and loss of income was especially difficult to deal with and was something that no one should have to go through. My feelings of guilt for not being able to work and my spouse's feeling of being inadequately able to support our family was at times overwhelming and distressed not only us, but our children as well. This made it especially difficult to focus on my recovery.

Fortunately there is help for those who are diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness. A Living Benefit Loan from Life Credit Company makes it possible for you to receive assistance. If you have at least $75,000 of life insurance coverage and have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Life Credit Company may be able to 50% of your policy's death benefits. There is no out-of-pocket expenses and no loan payments. The loan is ultimately repaid from the policy's death benefit proceeds and the remaining balance of the benefits are then distributed to the insured's family. This loan can be used by the borrower for anything...medical expenses, debt consolidation or even a family vacation. There are no restrictions on how the loan must be used. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Pet Salon on DVD 5/19‏ #Giveaway

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Minnie Mouse and her friends are brushing up on some fun!

Get ready to look your best for Pluto's All-Star Pet Show with Minnie and all her friends in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Pet Salon. This DVD will be available on May 19th and is packed with over two awesome hours of Disney fun!

#InsideOut ~ Have some Family Fun with #Recipes and Activity Sheets!

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Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head? Disney/Pixar's original new film, "Inside Out" ventures inside the mind to find out!

My 10 year old son is super psyched to see Inside Out and honestly, so am I! Based in Headquarters, the control center inside 11-year-old Riley's mind, five Emotions are hard at work, led by lighthearted optimist, Joy, whose mission is to make sure Riley stays happy. Fear heads up safety, Anger ensures all is fair and Disgust prevents Riley from getting poisoned ~ both physically and socially. Sadness isn't exactly sure what her role is, and frankly, neither is anyone else.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Safe, Worry-Free #Beauty Products for #Kids! @Poppy_Drops

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I'm a Mom of two girls so I'm well aware of the interests and habits of little girls. They love to play with make-up, jewelry and other fun and pretty things and getting into Mom's make-up bag or jewelry box is treat! Unfortunately, there are things in both of those places that aren't ideal for little ones so having an alternative is a great idea!

Poppy Drops offers eco-friendly, child-safe beauty products that are perfect for little girls and make them feel like a "big girl!" These beauty alternatives are awesome and something I wish I would have had as a little girl or had for my two who are now real big girls! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Order, Make, and Drink a Classic #Martini Like a Pro!

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Ordering a martini at the bar can be an empowering, sophisticated feeling. Being able to channel your inner James Bond and order your choice of this timeless cocktail "shaken, not stirred" feels very fancy, but you could run the risk of your bartender rolling their eyes and dismissing you with a tut as it becomes clear you know more about quoting Bond movies than you do about what actually goes into making a martini. 

From the liquor involved to the manner in which your drink is served and garnished, there is a lot that can change from martini to martini. That is why it is important to know what you want to order, and how you would like it mixed, served, and garnished ahead of arriving at the bar. This will save your time, your bartender's time and your fellow patrons'.

Exuviance Triple #Microdermabrasion Face Polish Review

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How often do you exfoliate your skin? I honestly don't exfoliate enough, especially the skin on my face. I've tried the expensive devices and numerous other products but have never found anything that was easy enough to use and one that I wouldn't mind taking the time for on a regular basis until now.

I received the Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish for review and it is one product that is as simple to use as your favorite facial cleanser. I only use it once or twice per week for fresh, smooth and polished skin. If you're like me, you need this once in a while skin resurfacing due to dull, dry skin. With just one application, this face polish buffs away surface impurities that contribute to blocked pores and loose, dead skin cells that make my skin appear dull. I love that I can achieve polished and smooth skin in the comfort of my own home and at a fraction of the cost if I were to go to a professional salon. 

Activity Holiday ~ #Travel for Sport Activity

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Let's be clear ~ there is nothing wrong with sitting or lying on the beach or by the pool...drinking cocktails and taking care of your tanned skin. However, in order to get a unique travel experience that will last for months and even years, you need to be active and do something. One of the places where you can get involved in various physical activities while enjoying most of the time on some beautiful beaches is Thailand. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Family Gathering: What To Wear?

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Choosing what to wear for a family gathering isn’t always easy. This task becomes even more complicated in spring when it’s pouring with rain one minute and blistering sunshine the next. As well as weather appropriate, you also want your outfit to be smart, stylish and comfortable. If you are likely to be running around after your children all day at the gathering, then the comfort factor is of particular importance.

It’s pretty challenging, right? So, to make this less of a nightmare for other busy Moms out there, here are some outfit suggestions for your next family gathering. I hope you find an ensemble in here that ticks all the boxes, or that you can easily adapt to suit your tastes and requirements.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat ~ The Perfect #Summer #Accessory!

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The warm weather is definitely here and it's time to begin the summer fun! While soaking up the sun, keep in mind that  it's important to keep your skin well protected from harmful UV Rays. 

Overexposure to the sun can result in many serious conditions but understanding these risks and taking the appropriate precautions will certainly lower your chance of having any sun-related health problems in the future. The key is to spend your time enjoying the summer weather sensibly and with the right accessories to protect yourself.

#Disney's #TOMORROWLAND - In Theatres Everywhere!!

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Who will be standing in line for Tomorrowland?? The wait is finally over and one of the coolest Disney movies of the year, TOMORROWLAND, is now playing in theaters everywhere! It's rated PG and stars George Clooney, Tim McGraw, Britt Robertson and Hugh Laurie...perfect for your entire family!

In celebration, we have some super fun things to share with you and your kiddos...Memory Game, Fortune Teller Game and a really cool Jet Pack Races tutorial, each one in the 
Tomorrowland theme.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Teen Beach 2 splashes on #Disney #DVD June 26th!

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Dive in and rock out with the hottest surf sequel under the sun! Now that summer's over and school has begun, Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack's (Maia Mitchell) relationship seems headed for a wipeout  ~ until Lela, Tanner and the "West Side Story" kids show up. Dazzled by the novelty and variety of the modern world, Lela wants to stay, but the real world and the "reel" world just don't mix. Can Mack and Brady find the magic to get the kids home and get their own romance back on track before it's too late? Packed with electrifying song and dance numbers and hilarious fish out of water wackiness, Teen Beach 2 is "wow-abunga" fun for everyone!

Teen Beach 2 includes never-before-seen Bonus Features and an Exclusive Friendship Necklace and will be available everywhere on DVD on June 26th!

Crafts, Snacks & Clips with Strange Magic On #DVD!

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In commemoration of this week's release of Strange Magic out NOW on DVD, Digital HD/SD and On-Demand, we have these spell binding fun crafts and yummy magical snacks for you and your kiddos to enjoy!

Download Strange Magic Crafts & Snacks

Watch this Bonus Clip below and enter to WIN Strange Magic on DVD HERE!

#SpongeBob SquarePants Triple Feature: SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric on #DVD! #Giveaway

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Can't wait for the DVD release of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water

Take a blast to the past with this SpongeBob triple feature! Paramount Home Media Distribution and Nickelodeon have just the thing to make the time fly by. Check out some of SpongeBob's most exciting adventures in this three disc DVD set, filled with over 4 hours of SpongeBob adventures as it swimes to a store near you on June 2nd!

My kids LOVE SpongeBob and all of his goofy friends...not only my two young boys but also my nineteen year old daughter! She has been watching SpongeBob for years and still does on a regular basis and without any shame!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pulverizer Power on #DVD! #TMNT #Giveaway

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The Turtles are their first fanboy and receive unexpected help in this action packed DVD!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been popular for years and kids just love the skilled, talking Turtles, including my two sons. The story lines are cool and intriging and little boys love mimicking the ninja moves of these four Turtles! 

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo find themselves facing a new kind of obstacle ~ the ultimate fanboy ~ in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pulverizer Power! The Pulverizer is a teenage boy who wants nothing more than to dress up and fight crime just like his favorite superheroes. In this volume, the Turtles reluctantly train this new crime fighter and ultimately learn how to work together.

@Nickelodeon ~ Bunch of Play Dates on #DVD ~ July 7th

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Let your imagination run wild in this groovin' and tootin' new DVD Collection!

Get ready for everyone's favorite Nick preschool stars! They are ready to party and play in this one-of-a-kind DVD collection, Nickelodeon Bunch of Play Dates

This three-disc collection is jam packed with over seven hours of education and musical fun. Viewers can explore their musical side with six song-and-dance filled episodes, take a trip out west for a rootin' tootin' good time, or explore their imaginations with six nursery rhyme and fairy tale themed episodes. Featuring eighteen episodes from Dora the Explore, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Go Diego Go!, The Wonder Pets, Ni Hao Kai-Lan, The Fresh Beat Band, and Blue's Room, this exciting collection will be available at a HOT, LOW price!

Available July 7, 2015!

Michael Todd Eye Eraser DUO ~ Exclusively at #ULTA Beauty!

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As I've written many times before, the aging process does not impress me nor does it appeal to me. I refuse to age gracefully. With that being said, I am continually on the look out for the ultimate anti-aging products available and have tried many over the years.

There are countless eye creams, serums and other products on the market for the delicate skin around your eyes but this time I have hit the jackpot! I received a new product from Michael Todd called Eye Erase Duo. This is the world's first Triplex Cellular Infusion Technology, which basically combines sonic, ionic and thermal technology in a compact device to infuse the deep layers of your skin. By infusing the eye cream deeply and more evenly, the product is able to be more effective in providing the results we are all seeking...smoother, younger looking skin. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Score a few Winning #Cocktails to Cheer-On the US Women’s Soccer Team! @Sauza

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Are you getting ready to kick off the biggest showdown in women's soccer? 

Score BIG with your viewing party guests by pouring a real winning cocktail in your guests cup. In honor of the world's most talented female football athletes, Sauza Tequila created some spirited cocktails worthy of a championship, including Player's Passion, Goal-Keeper-Rita and Kickin' It!

Enter to win Strange Magic on #DVD! #Giveaway

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The magic has begun and you can have a bit of that magic in your home!

Enter to win Strange Magic on DVD!

Who wants to WIN a Bounce House from #BlastZone? #Giveaway

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Sidekick Castle Bounce House Giveaway

Welcome To The Bounce House Giveaway!

This is AWESOME! Kids (and some adults) love jumping in a Bounce House...for parties, family gatherings or any occasion. Now you can enter to win one of your very own!

Sponsored by Blast Zone  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Host a Strange Magic Party! #Activities

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Download Host A Strange Magic Party

It's time to celebrate with Strange Magic!

Why not host a super fun Strange Magic Party and celebrate the arrival of this mystical movie on DVD, Digital HD/SD and On-Demand!

The Ultimate Meat Tenderizer from @CaveTools!

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The secret to delicious, tender meat is of course, a great meat tenderizor! I received The Ultimate Meat Tenderizor from Cave Tools for review and have certainly put it to good use!

One may think that this kitchen gadget is only good for tenderizing chicken breasts or some other type of meat, but the meat tenderizer is multi-functional! That's right, you can do all sorts of things with this handy dandy mallet. I've crushed ice, mashed avocado, ground up garlic cloves and even crushed up nuts for baking. I'm sure there are countless more uses for the meat tenderizer that I haven't listed or tried, but now that I have this kitchen tool, I'm sure to discover a few!

Product Features:

  • Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Design for Easy Cleanup - Aluminum and Zinc Alloy are hand wash only which may leave raw meat bacteria behind
  • Perfectly Weighted Mallet does all of the work so your arm never gets tired - Plastic and Rubber hammers are too light which means more work for you
  • Silicone Handle for Comfortable Non Slip Grip
  • Perfectly Sized for Simple Storage - Fits in any kitchen drawer or easily hangs on a hook
  • Maya the Bee Movie is buzzing into Homes Today! #Giveaway

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    Maya the Bee Movie buzzed into homes everywhere today on Blu-ray and DVD. This box office success is based on the well-known children's novel and popular animated series in Europe, Austrailia and Asia, and offers an adventure into a spectacular macroscopic world for children.

    Can you feel the Excitement? #Tomorrowland will be in theaters May 22nd!

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    In celebration of Disney's TOMORROWLAND, we want you to have some super fun coloring sheets, mazes and other awesome activities, all inspired by the new movie! 

    Monday, May 18, 2015

    Best New Shows For 2015 -- The Golden Age of Television

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    Cable was supposed to be the demise of television. The corruption would come from the vast sea of under-financed oddballs trying to become overnight sensations with a lame idea and a few friends. Just about now, many predicted, viewers would be swamped in millions of Wayne's World –type shows filmed in rec rooms around the country with no way to tell one from the other.

    The opposite has come true, as the vast stable of quality television available today demonstrates. Running through selections of my local AZ Direct TV listings shows that television is now entering its Golden Age with a seemingly endless supply of intriguing shows with quality production value, solid casts and strong script writing. As such, 2015 has kicked off a season with startling dramas and poignant comedies, just as we might have never predicted.

    Check out the New #Costumes at @CostumeSC for your next #Comic Convention!

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    Sometimes you just want to wear a costume...I mean we wear regular, boring, everyday clothes all the time, right? Well that's exactly what my two boys think! They own a large collection of fun costumes and would rather wear a costume than anything else in their closet. As a pretty laid back Mom, I allow them to most of the time and like to let them express themselves in a fun and carefree way if possible. 

    Interview with Ted DiBiase ~ Bound for @Comicpalooza 2015!

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    I recently had the honor of an interview with Ted DiBiase...formerly known as The Million Dollar Man to wrestling fans everywhere. He was the very first WWF North American Heavyweight Champion, a 3-time WWF Tag-Team Champion and the 1988 King of the Ring and was inducted into the prestige WWE Hall of Fame in 2010.

    This particular interview was especially interesting and an honor for me as I remember watching Mr. DiBiase wrestle, on a regular basis, in Shreveport, Louisiana in the early 1980's. I grew up in a family of loyal wrestling fans so a lot of my childhood memories include professional wrestling.

    Friday, May 15, 2015

    Getting dressed for @Comicpalooza with @FiveFingerTees! #Giveaway

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    I've been posting about Comicpalooza in Houston for the last few weeks and as it gets closer to the event date, I get more and more excited! It's my very first comic event and I definitely wanted to fit in without going over the top so I decided to wear a really cool t-shirt from Five Finger Tees.

    Enjoy Memorial Day with #Skinnygirl Cocktails! #Recipes #MemorialDay

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    Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect excuse to gather your friends and family to celebrate the start of the summer season! Whether you're hosting the perfect pool party or simply relaxing at the beach, Skinnygirl Cocktails has created some summer cocktails to enjoy no matter what type of weekend you have planned.

    In addition to the recipes below, Skinnygirl Cocktails' ready to serve options like Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo and Skinnygirl Sangria are easy, fun and absolutely no fuss alternatives for those looking to serve refreshing cocktails without breaking a sweat. Bonus: Add some fresh fruit for a fun, summery twist!

    @Snuggle Introduces All-New Booster Scents In The Spirit of #Summer‏ @Snuggle_Bear

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    As the summer season ushers in more sunshine and crisp air, Snuggle understands the importance of bringing these outdoor aromas into the home as well. I don't know about you, but I LOVE a nice, clean, fresh scent throughout my home! 

    Snuggle has introduced two brand new, refreshing Scents of Summer to the Scent Booster line-up ~ Wild Orchid Wonder and Island Dream. Awesome! Both give your laundry a burst of long-lasing summer freshness.