Wednesday, April 22, 2015

@Snuggle_Bear Speaks #Spanish for the First Time‏! #FreshSpringFlowers

Snuggle Bear knows that scent means a lot to moms everywhere and that it plays a big part in how we do laundry. There's definitely a connection between scent and mood and now more than ever, people are looking for easy and accessible ways to boost the mood...I know I am!

Using fresh scents in the laundry room is a simple way to make your laundry a hit with the entire family! Snuggle's Ultra Fresh Spring Flowers is a brand new scent that keeps your fabrics smelling fresh and feeling awesome for 30 days and it's available in liquid conditioner and fabric sheets. To help spread the word about these amazing new products, Snuggle Bear is appearing in a commerical speaking entirely in Spanish
Me encanta! 

This commerical will run on the following channels:

CentroAmerica TV
History en Espanol
Latele Novela
TV Dominca
MTV Tr3s
Baby First

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