Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rise and shine with Uncle Grandpa ~ Good Morning! #DVD #CartoonNetwork

Everyone's favorite Uncle and Grandpa is back on DVD! This time, he's spreading his catch phrase around the all-new Cartoon Network DVD, Uncle Grandpa ~ Good Morning! My oldest son thinks this show is hilarious and although I don't quite get it, who am I to say what's funny to a nine year old, right?!?!

Uncle Grandpa and his extraordinary friends, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Belly Bag and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger bring magic and happiness everywhere they pop up....and you never know when or where that may be. With a collection of 12 awesome episodes from the popular animated series, fans can expect unpredictable wackiness, crazy adventures and imaginative lands. Awesome!

Uncle Grandpa has been a rating success for Cartoon Network sinces its debut in September 2013. During it's inaugural season, the series was the top-rated show on Mondays among kids 6-11, which includes my young son! With more than 630,000 Facebook fans, and average of 18.6 million people, including 7.2 million kids...all tuned into watch Uncle Grandpa during its first season run. 

Be sure to check out Uncle Grandpa on DVD ~ April 7th!

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  1. My nephew really loves this Show and he would be thrilled to get the new DVD! I will have to tell my sister about her getting this for him.


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