Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Now the Force will be with you ~ Everywhere ~ Star Wars Digital Collection! #MyStarWars

For the first time ever, all six films of the epic Star Wars Saga will be available on Digital HD throughout the galaxy ~ or at least globally ~ on Tuesday April 10th!

Enhancing the movie collection is a multitude of never-before-seen special features including Star Wars: Discoveries from Inside and Insightful Conversations with key contributors from this much celebrated film franchise, plus a curated collection of classic Star Wars extras from each film. Awesome!

With Star Wars: Episodes I - VI available for purchase as a complete digital movie collection and individually, fans will have the Rebel forces at their fingertips to call across their favorite devices no matter what galaxy they're in!

For more information click HERE!


  1. My daughter loves star wars. This is so good to know :)

  2. I did not know about this. I am a big Star Wars fan


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