Thursday, March 26, 2015

INSIDE OUT ~ Family Activity Sheets Now Available! #Disney #InsideOut #Easter

This new movie, coming out everyone in June, is going to be super cool! How awesome is it that the main character, Riley has all of her emotions living in her head and there to advise her through her everyday life?!?! Awesome! As she and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new live in a new city, her emotions conflict on how best to navigate San Francisco, a new house and a new school. 

I can't wait to see this one...Disney Pixar always gives us the best animated movies! To help get you pumped up for Inside Out and into the Easter holiday season we are offering you a few fun printable activity sheets. Have fun!

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  1. This movie does look cute coming out in June-I like to print out the activity sheets for my niece! She would have fun doing these. The movie looks like a good one to see in the theater.


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