Monday, March 16, 2015

I owned the road with the 2015 MAZDA 3 S GRAND TOURING Vehicle! @MazdaUSA @DriveSTI

Isn't this car awesome? 

Last month I had the most amazing opportunity to test drive the Mazda 3s Touring vehicle for one week. Don't let the look of this little car fool you, this new Mazda has some power! 

Driving this car was like a DREAM!
Right from the first drive, I was super excited because it was a 6-speed...I haven't driven a stick shift vehicle in awhile but it's just like riding a bike. It all come back to me instantly and I had a blast shifting gears, using the clutch and feeling empowered! Awesome! The Mazda 3s definitely demands the respect of the driver and road with the cool blue color and smooth, sporty design. Whether I was driving my kids back and forth to school, running errands or on the highway, this car never disappointed. 

Inside, the features are truly impressive. The navigational system is not only helpful, but fun. My sons were in awe of the talking system and said it was really cool to be driving in a "smart-car." I'm sure they told their classmates stories of the car we were driving that week and how it knew everything! There was no need to use my cell phone for navigation or driving directions as I usually do, with the press of a button I was able to do the same thing only without watching my phone (as I'm driving) or trying to prop my phone up somewhere so that I could see it well enough. This is not only a luxury feature but also one of convenience that would benefit any driver. 

As I said above, my two sons thought this car was "the bomb!" The backseat had more than enough room for both of them with plenty of space for all of the stuff they like to bring with, books, video games and even our portable DVD players. They loved the convenience of the pull-down drink holder/console which made reaching for their beverage chance of spilling anything or struggling with a hard to reach drink holder on the floor. The one-touch Moonroof was also a hit with the boys...sunshine or rain, they wanted to see the sky while we were driving! 

As a driver the features just kept getting better and better. The Advanced Keyless Entry and Start is still a thrill for me and almost seems like magic to the kids. The rear-view camera is ideal for backing up in any situation and provides a crystal clear view, all without straining one's neck to see what may be going on behind you. That is an awesome safety feature! We all know how important all of those safety features are but let's talk luxury for a moment...heated seats! Yes! Waking up on a cold morning to drive my kids to school can be chilly while waiting for the car to warm up, but the Mazda 3s is equipped with heated leather seats, not to mention power seat adjustments that include a lumbar adjustment feature. 

Additional Vehicle Features:
  1. Airbags - Driver and passenger
  2. Vehicle Anti-theft
  3. Child safety locks
  4. Tire inflation monitor
  5. Lane departure warning system
  6. Blind spot monitoring
  7. Forward obstruction warning
  8. Rear cross traffic alert
  9. AM/FM radio, CD Player, CD Changer
  10. Wireless communication for Bluetooth enabled devices
  11. Voice activated controls
  12. Remote fuel door release
  13. Panic button/alarm
  14. Automatic climate control
  15. Interior pollen/particle/dust air filter
  16. Cruise control
  17. Delayed courteous light
Just to name a few...

Overall, the Mazda 3s Grand Touring car is spectacular and a pleasure to drive. It's economical with a MPG of 26 in the city and 35 on the highway which makes it easy on your wallet! 

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Disclosure: I was granted a week long test drive thanks to Mazda USA and STI, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. I love the inside, so techy! I love the roominess of this car. Awesome key features, great car for kids too!


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