Monday, March 23, 2015

Give your walls a fresh look with DECALS! #HappyWallz

Decorating your home can be quite expensive, but I've discovered a great way to update different rooms in my home without spending an arm and a leg. 

Wall Decals are really amazing and I've used them in several rooms in my home including my son's bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and my family room. Happy Wallz has a huge selection of decals and wall stickers to choose from and if you don't find the perfect one to fit your vision, they will work with you to customize your order so that you get exactly what you've envisioned and everyone is happy!
One of my favorite ideas for adding a little something extra to the rooms in my home are wall quotes. I'm very expressive and love to be able to express myself  and see something motivational or loving and meaningful on the walls of my rooms. Wall quotes are becoming very popular and creative way to decorate whether you are interested in a family quote, love quote, motivational quote, definition quote or something completely your own and customized.

One of my favorite quotes!

I can think of so many places that wall decals can be used and the home is merely one place that would benefit from this innovative decorating idea. The workplace or office is and ideal location for a few motivational or upbeat quotes. Seeing a simple, yet meaningful reminder on the walls of a conference room or office is extremely positive, inspiring and great for morale. The "Work Hard Be Kind" wall decal that I've shown below is one that could be used in any room or setting such as a classroom.

Happy Wallz is a first-rate website for wall decals. They offer everything from quotes to patterns to customized removable wall decals. 

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  1. I have been wanting to get some pretty wall decals to make my over the Fireplace really stand out! I will have to take a look at the fresh look decals and see what they have. I just looked and some of the decals are gorgeous!


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