Friday, March 6, 2015

Divine Guidance ~ From Heart 2 Soul ~ #Healing, Readings and more! #cardreadings #angels

Have you ever felt confused or lost and don't know where to turn or who to turn to? Is there a situation or dilemma in your life and you're seeking an answer? Maybe you just aren't feeling like yourself lately or are going through a difficult time...if you can relate to any of these scenarios then you could probably use some Divine Guidance.

If you are wondering what I mean by Divine Guidance, trust me, I was once in your shoes and wondered myself what it meant and what it could do for me. A couple of years ago I met a fellow blogger named Shauna. We belonged to a few mutual blogger networking groups and had some brief interactions, mostly about the world of blogging, etc...

There came a time in my personal life that was not ideal and I just didn't feel like myself. Things were happening that put me in a state of depression, anxiety, both making it difficult to tend to my daily responsibilities and even to have the motivation to be happy...really happy. Sometimes we put on a "happy face" just so that others don't know out pain or ask questions and that is not a way to live. Shauna must have sensed my difficult time and reached out to me as a friend. After talking, she told me about her special gifts and abilities and asked if it was something I'd like to try. My thoughts were that anything was worth feeling better and getting out of the slump I was in. 

Although Shauna and I live in different parts of the country, she was able to fill me with healing like I've never felt before. It was truly amazing! I've worked with her several times over the past few months and each time she sends her healing light to me, I feel renewed, refreshed and relaxed. I'm still in awe at her precious gift and am so thankful to have her in my life. 

With Shauna's help, I have also learned to manage any anxiety that comes my way, release all negative energy, heal from my unfortunate situation and finally feel as if I've rediscovered myself. I have never felt more peaceful and positive than I do now. Things still get to me and life isn't perfect, but I no longer allow myself to be pulled in by other's negativity. 

Shauna is able to help in many ways that include healing Angel Card readings. Talking to Shauna will be like talking to one of your judgement, no criticism, just divine guidance and loving help.

Visit Shauna on her website, From Heart 2 Soul for more information and to contact her.

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