Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Where did my Sanity go? ~ Tales of an Insane #Mom! #Parenting

Wordle: Being a Mom

I know my struggles are nothing new to any parent and I'm positive that I'm not alone when I feel like every ounce of sanity has left my body on any given day. After all...I'm a Mom!

I have four awesome children ages 21, 19, 9 and 5. Yes, there is a HUGE gap between my two girls and my two younger boys. People often ask me what I was thinking, but I honestly tell them that as crazy as it seems to "start over" with kids, I wouldn't change anything. 

Now, back to the four awesome kids. Each one has been blessed with the most amazing qualities and gifts that make me so proud as a Mother. On the other hand, each one has also been given some "not-so-pleasant" personality traits that have not only contributed to my level of sanity, but also given me the ability to exercise my patience , perfect my problem solving skills and practice multi-tasking. 

I honestly can't remember a day without at least one meltdown (I'm counting MY meltdowns too!) Although, I have learned that if I don't overreact, the meltdown doesn't last quite as long. I distinctly remember my oldest daughter, at the age of two throwing the biggest, longest fit, and for no apparent reason. It was completely insane and the start of those "terrible twos"! Nothing happened, nothing was said to her, I simply picked her up from the sitter's house, came home and BAM! She let it go. For two straight hours. At this point in my parenting career, I had learned that if I ignored those situations they seemed to go away sooner, so I put her in the bedroom and went about my business. Two hours later she was sound asleep and all was good in the world again. She was my first official meltdown and trained me very thoroughly on what to do and what not to do in that situation.

My next child was fairly easy. She had a good temperament and didn't cause much trouble. She was a good eater, played well with others, went to sleep when she was tired and was just a happy-go-lucky kind of child. 

Then came my boys...thank goodness that I had already lived through the first child and although it had been years, I still remember my training therefore, was prepared for the most part. As I should have expected, but didn't, my son came with not only the tantrums but also ADHD with a side of anxiety. I wasn't quite as prepared as I thought and didn't really know what to expect nor how to deal with those two factors, especially the ADHD. Well, through trial and error, I've become accustomed to the particular personality traits of my son and although I may lose it occasionally, I can usually divert the worst of it and have learned some helpful techniques for working with his disorder. 

Last but certainly not least, my youngest son. Other than a very dominant personality with a side of stubbornness, he is fairly easy to raise. He's well behaved in school, isn't a picky eater, sleeps well. plays well with other children and is content most of the time. 

Through all of my years of being a Mom, not once have I regretted choosing this position in life. My kids have been my biggest blessing and each one has taught me so much, not only about being a parent, but also a great deal about myself. Yes, most of my God-given sanity is gone, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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