Monday, February 16, 2015

Try a Better Remedy for a Sore Throat ~ #GoGargle #homeremedy

Have you ever had a sore throat and someone suggested you gargle with salt water? Most of us have used that home remedy at one time or another or suggested it to a friend or loved one. Gargling with salt water is an excellent way to clean bacteria from your throat and tonsil area and draw out the moisture from the swollen tissue, therefore relieving pain and preventing more bacteria growth.

GoGargle has taken this remedy one step further and added ingredients like honey, aloe and chamomile to not only help clear up a sore throat but also to assist in soothing the irritation and pain. Invented by an RN and Mother to help soothe her husband's sore throat, GoGargle is super easy to use and because it is available in the form of an effervescent tablet that you drop into a glass of warm water, it's quick and convenient as well! 

I had the opportunity to try GoGargle out for myself recently when I woke up with an unexpected sore throat. I'm all for taking medicine when I feel bad, because after all, who wants to be in pain? But, when I thought of the effervescent tablet, I immediately think of another product packaged the same way that doesn't taste very good and is one I avoid at all costs! Much to my surprise, GoGargle has a really pleasant taste! The combination of the honey and chamomile along with the other ingredients made my GoGargle experience a positive one and not spoiled by a medicinal tasting product. 

Next time me or one of my kids have a sore throat, instead of heading to the doctor's office or immediately taking an antibiotic, we are using GoGargle...home remedies are my first choice when faced with a non-emergency illness and I much rather prefer natural ingredients for myself and my children. With flu season in full swing, I choose to do what ever is necessary to keep my family healthy and avoid a costly and serious situation.

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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