Thursday, February 5, 2015

Creative Ideas to Help Survive Long Hours in the Car With Kids #RoadTrip

Taking an extended car ride with children of all ages can often seem overwhelming at times. Implementing a few creative ideas to help survive long hours in your vehicle with your entire brood can help the time to pass quicker while have one fun with one another.

Spot Attractions on the Road

Whenever you are planning a road trip consider stopping at sightseeing tours or even national monuments. Getting the kids out of the car to view the sights can help them to stay entertained at all times while making new memories with the family. If possible, plan your trip's routes around various sites to add to the excitement of a family vacation or car ride. Exploring the history and story behind monuments and other popular tourists attractions can help to make long-lasting memories not only in your own life but in the lives of your children.

Invent Creative Road Trip Games

Get creative by investing road trip games to share with all ages in the car, especially when taking a trip to another city or even to another state, spending hours in a car with your kids and entire household.. Using inexpensive toys, card games, trading card games and even spotting different objects on the road while traveling when playing "I Spy" is a fun way to get the entire family involved in the game.

Share Music Selection

If you have more than one child in your car during the road trip you are planning for your family it is possible to help keep the peace by sharing the radio and music selection with each member of your family. Taking turns with music selection can help to avoid arguments while ensuring each of the members of your family has a say in what is playing on the radio during the drive. Investing in headphones for your children is also ideal whether you have a digital television in the vehicle or if they prefer to listen to their own music using MP3 players and their own smartphones.

Provide Digital Entertainment

Providing digital entertainment to your children is another method that works well by providing engaging and in some cases, educational material for your kids during long road trips. Whether you have a mounted television or if your children have handheld devices there are hundreds of children movies and downloadable apps for smartphones and tablets available on the market today.

Pack Snacks and Beverages

Rather than stopping and dining out which can quickly become pricey, consider packing coolers of snacks, beverages and sandwiches for your children to enjoy while on the road. Keeping your kids satisfied with their hunger is a great way to make the most out of you trip by minimizing necessary stops. Use ice and ice packs to keep food fresh and ready to eat when on the go rather than stopping in various locations to pick up snacks and food for your family to eat, helping to cut down on expenses.

Using a few creative tips and tactics when driving on an extended road trip with your children is not only a way for you to arrive at your final destination in peace, but it is an ideal way to ensure your children are able to keep busy and to themselves throughout the duration of the trip.

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  1. Those are great tips. We always bring music and games. That helps a lot!!

    1. I are an awesome distraction!

  2. Use an empty DVD case to pack a small pad of paper and colored pencils inside. The hard case also makes the perfect writing surface!


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