Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cartoon Network's Clarence: Mystery Pinata is now out on #DVD! @cartoonnetwork

Are you ready for Clarence? Cartoon Network's Clarence: Mystery Pinata is now out on DVD!

This is one of those shows that is ideal for my 9 year old son...he's not really into the show that my younger son loves, but prefers a different type of story line these days. Clarence is one of the new shows on Cartoon Network that delivers positive messages with a definite does of fun and humor.

About the show:
Clarence Wendell is a 4th grader who is new in town, living with his mom and her boyfriend, who works odd jobs while operating a chicken farm. Clarence is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking young man who embraces everyone in his life as kindred spirits. In the pilot, Clarence responds to his welcome to class with invitations to a sleepover at his house. Only a few kids actually coin me over, Jeff and Sumo. Jeff is the "brain" of the group, while Sumo is more rough-around-the-edges . Clarence is an awesome kid who seems to see the good in everyone and without telling you the entire story line...I'll leave you with this...If you have a older Elementary or Tween in your home, this is a good choice!

Disclosure: I received the the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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