Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are you ready to take the #Swagbucks Lucky 7 Birthday Challenge!!

Are you ready??

Swagbucks turns 7 TODAY! Why does that matter? Well, it's only the BIGGEST day of the year for Swagbucks, a day that they want to give SB members tons of Swag Bucks and BONUSES! In fact, this year, for the first time ever, SB is giving away an exclusive bonus that's only available to people who join on the Lucky 7 Birthday Challenge. Wow!

Today only, February 25th, starting at 7am PST/10am EST/ 3pm GMT/ 2am AEDT (on February 26th in Australia), you can click HERE to join the Birthday Challenge. Not only will you get your own exclusive bonus but you'll join thousands of SB members to unlock the mystery jackpot bonus. 

You see, there are 7 Goals that need to be completed. You contribute points toward those goals by earning Swag Bucks in seven different categories. Once a goal has received enough points, it will unlock a special letter on the Swagbucks slot machine. The new mystery jackpot bonus will be revealed when all 7 goals have been completed.

Contributing Points:
  • Searching the Web: Every time you earn Swag Bucks through search made from a defaulted Swagbucks search engine, you'll contribute 35 points to the search goal! If you haven't defaulted your search engine to Swagbucks Search you can do it now by visiting the Default Search Page.
  • Answer Surveys: Earn Swag Bucks by giving your opinion and every time you do, even for DQs and QQs, you'll contribute 28 points to the Answer Goal.
  • Swagstakes: Any and Every Swagstakes you enter starting at 7am on the day of the birthday will contribute 14 points to the Swagstakes goal.
  • Mobile Offers (US only): Every time you earn Swag Bucks from a mobile offer you'll contribute 21 points to the Mobile Offer goal.
  • Special Offers: Complete any offer on our Birthday and you'll contribute 21 points to the Special Offer goal.
  • Encrave: Discover, earn and contribute 14 points to the Encrave goal.
  • Swag Codes: Redeem your Swag Codes through the Swag Button (all countries) or Mobile app (US only) and you'll contribute 7 points to the Swag Codes goal.
If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, NOW is the best time. With the birthday in full-swing, it's the most rewarding time to be a Swagbucks member! So sign up today on the birthday and start getting bonus SB for your very first gift card!

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