Friday, February 27, 2015

6 Tips for Tackling a Shopping Trip with #Kids

Heading out to the grocery store or on any shopping trip may seem like a simple task for most people, but for a mom with kids to take care of while going through the stores, a simple shopping trip can turn into a disaster very quickly.

With a little planning and preparation, anyone can tackle their most lengthy shopping trips with their kids successfully. Everyone can use these tips to spend less time shopping and more time with family. Here are six tips for tackling a shopping trip with kids.

Wear something comfortable and easy
Being in comfortable clothes while shopping makes everything easier. Moms should not have to worry about their aching feet or pinching bra strap when they are rushing through the grocery store. Starting out with something comfortable and stylish including sheer bras from ThirdLove can make the trip so much better for any mom.

Never shop on an empty stomach
Shopping for anything on an empty stomach, especially food, can lead to big issues for a family. Moms who are hungry are more like to make impulse purchases that they would not have mad otherwise, and kids who are hungry will be fussy and short tempered with their parents. Eating before the tip and packing a few snacks and drinks for the duration is the best way to keep everyone happy.

Have everyone help with the grocery list
Moms always want their kids to eat healthy, but of course, this is not usually what kids want. To make everyone happy with the choices in the house, parents should make their grocery list with their kids. This way, everyone can pick a good balance of healthy items and treats to keep the whole family satisfied until the next shopping trip.

Match coupons before leaving the house
Couponing is a very popular way for families to save money today, especially at the grocery store. However, couponing can be time consuming for parents if they do not plan ahead. Moms should try to get all of their coupons together before they leave for the store to save time and avoid creating excessive time in the cart or a car seat for their kids.

Plan around the normal schedule
Of course, kids will begin to get temperamental around their nap times. Many parents will try to fit in quick shopping trips before their kids’ nap times, but pushing it too close can lead to a grocery store meltdown. Moms should try to schedule shopping that fits within the kids’ normal eating and sleeping schedules to have the happiest kids possible.

Quickly scan for nutritional info
In the case that a mother has to choose between a few different brands, many moms will simply grab the closest item to avoid wasting time. This could mean that moms are not choosing the healthiest or best items for their families. Instead, moms can use quick scanning techniques like the ‘facts up front’ nutrition panels to make fast decisions.

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  1. This is a great list...I would say it applies to shopping with husbands too!!!


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