Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Simple Ways of Saving Money For the Holidays Ahead #Budget

Everyone loves traveling to an exotic location in the summer, to unwind and have the time of their lives. Nothing brings families and relationships together, like a summer holiday at a luxury resort on a secluded beach. The only downside is the exorbitant cost of a holiday getaway. The sky high prices for holidays in the summer restrict many families to barbecues in the back yard.

This need not be so. Prudent saving measures can be used to accumulate enough savings well before summer. In fact, the earlier you begin, the easier it is to save larger amounts. Many people start saving too close to the summer to put enough holiday money aside. This results in meager savings, and a lot of unnecessary financial pain.

Here are a few simple ways to save for a summer holiday without straining your budget.

Make a budget

Budget making seems to have gone out the window in this age of unbridled consumerism. Spending money without a budget only leads to overspending and poor allocation of funds. It is important to make monthly and annual budgets. You should detail every imaginable expense and income. A budget will prevent you from spending money on unnecessary items. It will also allow you to keep an eye on every penny, and encourage you to be more frugal.

Get everyone on board

Cost cutting is not a welcome topic in any home. For you to save successfully, everyone in the home must be involved. Speak openly to all family members about the need to save for the summer. This will make it easier to lower costs on almost everything, without antagonizing each other. A concerted effort by everyone will foster a saving spirit throughout the year.

Make holiday plans early

It is difficult to sacrifice comfort for the sake of a far away holiday. Everyone tends to live for the moment, because immediate needs are more pressing. Make holiday plans well in advance. Research the destination and speak to people who have been there before. Share videos and photos of the location with the rest of the family. This will whet their desire to visit, and motivate everyone to live on much less. This is a great way to stay focused on saving, especially during hard times.

Cut down on luxuries

So much money is wasted on unnecessary expenditures. Those little purchases that you hardly remember afterwards can add up to huge amounts annually. Skip Starbucks now and then, and eat out less often. You can also take public transport, rather than driving and wasting fuel in traffic jams. Saving these few dollars frequently can boost your holiday budget immensely.

Become a savvy shopper

There are many ways of saving money when shopping. This includes using coupons and promo codes. Going online and searching for deals on websites like discountrue.com is another prudent measure. A lot of money can also be saved through comparison shopping, especially when making huge purchases. Collect credit card and retail store rewards as much as you can, and redeem them for purchases. This will ensure your holiday savings grow without extra pressure from everyday expenses.

Finally, it is important to set aside your holiday savings in a separate account. This will enable you to keep track of it and also watch it grow. As your holiday savings accumulate, you will find it easier and feel more encouraged to put aside more money. Saving early is the only way to afford a great summer holiday for the whole family!

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  1. I like to shop the clearance racks after the current season to buy ahead for the next season. That saves me a lot of money, especially when it comes to my grandson's clothing and I can buy a size ahead.


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