Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pong is NOT your typical Phone Case! #pongcase

We all need a great phone case, right? Of course we do! I keep a case on my phone at all times because you never know when you will accidentally drop your phone and a broken screen is the last thing I need! Unfortunately, my daughter is notorious for not only dropping her iPhone, but for having a cracked or broken screen a few times a year. Ugh! So, when I received this phone case from Pong for review, I knew exactly who would be sporting this awesome phone case!

The case fit her iPhone 5S perfectly and I'm happy to say that I feel confident knowing that her cell phone is protected. Although the Pong Phone Case is an amazing item for cell phone protection, it doesn't stop there. Pong cases protect the user from the radiation emitting from cell phone devices. This was certainly something new to me as I truthfully had no idea that this could happen. Did you know that your device emits a signal at all times? Even while on stand-by and up to 50% of a cell phone signal can be absorbed by the head and body, so even if you aren't using your phone but have it in your pocket, playing games or even texting, you are still at risk.

Pong Cases are built with patented intelligent antenna technology that re-shapes the radio frequency signal to reduce exposure to radiation while simultaneously optimizing the outbound signal. For example, the Pong Sleek Case for the iPhone 6 reduces radiation exposure to up to 89% below the industry standard limit and the Rugged Case reduces it by 90%. Wow! Pong Phone Cases are definitely not your typical cases and I love knowing that my daughter is not only protecting her phone, but also herself while using the Pong Case. As a mother, this is one less worry I have and since becoming aware of such dangers am planning to purchase Pong Phone Cases for my other children and myself as well.

Pong Phone Cases are available in a wide variety of color choices and for the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy devices. Whether you are interested in shielding yourself or your loved ones from harmful radiation emitted from your smartphone or looking for a stylish case to protect your device, Pong has the right case for you! To learn more, visit the Pong Case website!

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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