Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Dreaded Junk Drawer! #NewYearsResolution

We all have at least one junk drawer and some of us (like ME!) have a few! Ugh!

ONE of my Junk Drawers!
In my household I'm ashamed to say that there are several junk drawers and "catch-alls" throughout the house. It seems as if whenever there are things just laying around on the dining room table, kitchen counters, on my desk or even on the coffee table, instead of being put away in the logical place, those items get shoved into the nearest junk drawer. Now we have a problem!

The problem is that we have so many drawers filled with "stuff" that whenever we are looking for something specific, we have trouble locating it. I have a New Year's Resolution! To clean up my junk drawers. Now, I won't claim to NOT have a junk drawer, because I firmly believe everyone should have ONE, but I do plan to condense and clean out the others and make an attempt at some organization. 

Tips for Junk Drawer Dilemmas:

  • First, only attempt 1 drawer at a time
  • Make 4 piles, stacks or boxes (shoe boxes work great!)
  • Throw away anything that is broken, missing pieces, etc...
  • Anything worth keeping, put in the proper location
  • Donate or sell items that are still good but not needed
  • Do this for all Junk Drawers and then put back those things that firmly belong in your ONE drawer.
Now the only task left is keeping it organized and in place, but if this again every few months or a couple times per year! Good luck and let us know how it's going!!

Tell us how many Junk Drawers you have in your home!

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