Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peter Pan Live on #DVD ~ Bring it Home for the Holidays! #PeterPanLive

Get ready to Fly to Neverland out today on DVD!

Fly into adventure as NBC presents a bold new production of the classic Broadway musical that has delighted audiences for generations. Filmed and broadcast live from New York, this wondrous adaption of the original Broadway musical tells the beloved story of Peter Pan, a mischievous boy who ran away to have adventures in Neverland and never grow up! 

This family classic from the producers of Chicago, Hairspray and Footloose features Academy Award winner Christopher Walken as Captian Hook and unforgettable songs, including "I'm Flying," "I Won't Grow Up," and "Never Never Land" that will have everyone singing along for years to come!

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My oldest daughter has been in love with Peter Pan since she was about two years old...the first one she ever watched was a live VHS Peter Pan Movie and she watched it over and over again...even today, she wishes she still had the movie to watch. 

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