Friday, December 5, 2014

Framed Art that Exceeds My Expectations ~ @FulcrumGallery!

Everyone has their own opinions and ideas about what looks good whether it's fashion, a hair style or home decor. No two people are exactly alike, and that's good thing!

Both of my daughters have moved into their own apartments within the last year and a half and each one likes a particular style when it comes to decorating their living space. I also have a certain idea of what I like in my home and it differs from what my daughters prefer. My oldest daughter loves to use framed word prints in and around her home. Expressing herself through words is sometimes motivational, at times quirky and at other times, quite inspirational and meaningful. 

I was recently able to choose and review framed artwork from and I chose something that I thought would be perfect for her and her home. 

Pela Studio Life and Dreams II

This framed word print is gorgeous! The picture above is beautiful, but does not display just how stunning it is in person. I was amazed at the quality, size and appearance of the framed artwork when I received it. Love it! I can imagine it hanging in her living room or bedroom and being the first thing seen in the inspiring and motivating! I love the use of word and phrases as a way to spruce up a room and this one has gone beyond my expectations! 

Nothing can even compare to the power of words and language...word express our thoughts and feelings which is especially wonderful for those of us who find it difficult to express ourselves verbally. I am definitely a person who prefers to use words as my tool for communication and I guess that's why I am so in love with this and the other stunning framed word prints from Fulcrum Gallery.

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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