Thursday, December 18, 2014

#Crayola Sketch Wizard ~ Draw Anything!

Give the gift of art with the Crayola Sketch Wizard! 

My son, Dominic, loves to draw and create so when I was sent the Crayola Sketch Wizard for review, I thought this was perfect for him. He is an excellent artist for his young age and his free-hand drawings are awesome but I thought the Sketch Wizard would give him the opportunity to draw things from a new perspective and I was right...he LOVES it!

The Crayola Sketch Wizard comes with a Graphite Pencil and 6 Short Colored Pencils, Starter Sheets and Blank Sheet in addition to the Sketch Wizard unit. This is everything you need to start drawing in 2D or 3D. Kids simply look through the filter lens to see what they wish to draw and use the tray to start tracing their model...action figures, favorite toys, friends and even photographs. Sketch Wizard projects a ghosted image on paper to make it super easy to create! 

I love the fact that my son can spend his time drawing and using his imagination and creativity instead of watching television. Giving my kids variety in the activities that they do is awesome and the Crayola Sketch Wizard is the perfect addition to their collection of fun things to do!

In addition to the Sketch Wizard, I received some awesome stocking stuffers from Crayola...stuff your stockings with fun and creative tools for your kids this year. Whether they love to color, paint or draw, Crayola has the products you need!

You can buy the Crayola Sketch Wizard and other awesome Crayola products and stocking stuffers at retailers everywhere! 

Disclosure: I received the above products for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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