Thursday, November 13, 2014

Take Snacks on the Go with Yummi Pouch! @YummiPouch

Busy moms everywhere know how important it is to have things in your household running smoothly, efficiently and as affordable as possible. Any way that I can find to make things easier for myself and my family is awesome in my opinion!

I received a set of set of Cloth Snack and Sandwich Bags and a cute Storage Bag for review from Yummi Pouch and this is definitely one of those products that make life not only easier, but also saves money. Winning!! 

These cloth bags are perfect for crackers, chips, cookies, or even sandwiches for lunch on the go or a family road trip. They are available in two different sizes and colors, have a convenient zipper opening and are safe to use in the washer or dishwasher for easy clean up. I always pack a few Yummi Pouch bags when taking my boys with me in the never fails that they will automatically be hungry while on the road, so instead of stopping for fast food, we simply open up a Yummi Pouch bag and problem solved! 

The Everything Storage Bag is also a perfect on-the-go bag. I can use this bag for carrying my Snack and Sandwich Bags, taking small items with us on trips, and it's ideal for wet clothing, diapers, toys and so much more! My thoughts are why use disposable plastic bags when I can simply use my Yummi Pouch bags...I save money and do my part for the environment.

Visit the Yummi Pouch website these bags and more eco-friendly products!

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Disclosure: I received the above products for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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