Friday, November 21, 2014

Splash Math Kids Educational App ~ #FreeMathApp

My youngest son, Tristan is in Kindergarten and he absolutely loves that he's in school. Every day he comes home counting, reciting his ABC's and recognizing his numbers and letters. He's recently began trying to read, which is awesome and doing a little simple math. Needless to say, Mom is very proud!

So, since Tristan is so interested in learning, I thought it only made sense to download a few more educational apps on our electronic devices. I found an app call 1st Grade Math Splash and immediately downloaded it to my phone, Tristan's favorite device! You may be wondering why I chose this particular app and thinking that it's probably too advanced for a child in Kindergarten, but Tristan is actively interested in learning and loves a challenge, so why not?

Overall, this is a great app and Tristan had a great time with the number sense and geometry portion of the app. He also tried out some simple addition and did much better than I expected! He definitely has a thirst for learning and this app quenches that thirst!

Download the 1st Grade Math Splash app  for FREE on GooglePlay!

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