Thursday, November 13, 2014

#Samsung is changing the way Moms with Babies do #Laundry! #BabyCare

As a Mom of four awesome children, I can certainly attest to how much laundry I have done over the years just for my kids...a lot! When they were babies it seemed that the laundry was never ending and even more so when I used cloth diapers for my oldest daughter. 

I recently received an amazing product from Samsung for review...the Baby Care Washer. If you're wondering why you may need a washer specifically for baby and children's clothing, then keep reading! This washer is specifically designed with powerful double-rinsing technology that minimizes detergent residue so that your child's sensitive skin is protected. You certainly don't want detergent residue on your baby's skin causing allergic reactions and rashes and this washer does an excellent job of preventing that!

I used this washer several times already since receiving it a few days ago and am so happy with the results. My white clothes came out super clean and WHITE! Nice! I felt like all of my clothing was completely sanitized and as clean as possible, whether it was undergarments, towels or other clothing...the cleaning power of this machine is awesome!

The Samsung Baby Care Washer is so compact! It measures at just 2.7 feet in height and 1.8 feet in depth so it will fit into small spaces and would even be ideal for an apartment or small home. It's portable and can be drained into the sink or connected to the faucet which is great for small living spaces.This compact washer features a safe, family-friendly design with a total of seven safety mechanisms, including a child-proof lock on the dual lid and a heat-proof door. Can it get better? Yes! If your baby is napping, this little gem won't disturb your little one because the button tones and sounds can be lowered or muted entirely and the easily open and close lid closes without making a sound. No full-size washer can boast this awesome feature! 

Now let's talk sanitizing! The Samsung Baby Care Washer is designed to safeguard your baby from germs and bacteria with high temperature sanitation settings. You can choose from three powerful temperature settings...Super Sanitize, Eco Sanitize and Baby Care. The Super Sanitize setting heats to 194 degrees Fahrenheit to remove stubborn stains and up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The thorough rinse cycle keeps your baby's clothes, cloth diapers, even your active wear clothing and more completely soft and clean. The second rinse cycle removes detergent residue with a powerful current of water, which as we know, can be harsh to your baby's skin, and you can add up to five additional rinses! Wow! 

Last but certainly not least...for the ultimate in convenience, this little washer is self-cleaning without the use of any harsh exposure to harmful substances. That is a huge plus for me! Anyone who washes any type of clothing knows that what you put into your washer doesn't always rinse away...there is always some sort of grime or chemical left over and a without taking time and effort to clean it out and keep it clean, your clothes will continue to absorb the residue. Yuck!

Overall, this compact and portable washer is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing baby clothing, cloth diapers or any other clothing items that require a little special attention and care.

Visit the Samsung website to view the Baby Care Washer and more amazing products or to find a retailer at a location near you!

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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