Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Known Benefits of Full Body #Massage

We all know that body massage relieves stress and takes away muscle pains. Those were the obvious benefits of this procedure. What most people do not know is that, massage therapy can work in wonders that you may never have heard of. The advantages of having a good day in a spa do not end on soothing body aches. There is a lot more than what are being advertised. To give a glimpse of what lies beneath, here is a list of some freebies given away when you purchase a decent body massage.

It corrects your posture.
Most Americans work more than eight hours a day in an office setting. This means that more than one thirds of their entire day are being spent sitting in front of a computer or paper works. Without proper exercise, postural problems may occur. One common issue is Postural Kyphosis or simply slouching. It results from tightening of the chest muscles that pulls the spine forward. This can be corrected by applying pressure and gliding through the tensed muscles. In a cause and effect point of view, as the tissue smoothens, and so as the person is most likely to regain proper posture.

It boosts your immunity.
A recent study in Los Angeles proves that a soothing massage can fight bacteria and viruses. If the body is combating bad microorganisms from entering it, then there is a greater chance of rejecting common diseases. In the said research, the subjects were placed in a 45 minute massage session. Blood have been later extracted from the participants for analysis and the results were stunning. There is a significant increase on the number of the white blood cells that plays a huge role as body’s defense against communicable diseases. This clearly states that aside from improving lymphatic flow, it also regenerates fighting cells.

It minimizes scars.
After a skin lesion is obtained either from surgery or not, the body tries to compensate. Once the system acknowledges that there is a break on the outer surface, it tries to recover. The body produces a number of collagen to heal the wound, but sometimes the generation of collagen becomes too much that it hardens and creates keloid scars. The role of massage on newly healed wounds is that it enhances the blood flow and softens the tough fibrous tissues by the warmth of gentle friction. The collagen breaks down bit by bit and so it flattens and minimizes the wound marks.

It takes away excess fats.
A pleasant body massage helps melt excess fat. First, as well known fact, it relieves anxiety and stress. Most people overeat in times of emotional crisis, but feeling less distressed can reverse the action. Once a person is calm, he may able to control the food cravings. Second, massage stokes can break down cellulites and fats, the smaller compounds are then being absorbed in our blood stream to be better utilized. The rest of broken fats are being eliminated on the lymphatic drainage. The later process results in an even-toned healthy body.

These facts may be surprising, but any person can prove it just by treating himself on a relaxing massage. Little than most people know, there is always something more to explore.


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