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Taking Care of Your Children While you Are Sick #Health

The first years of your baby are the most difficult. It is the time when colds occur frequently, as your child is very fragile.

But what happens when you get sick too? Mothers should be immune to illnesses, right? Wrong. As little as you want it, you can get sick too. In fact it's kind of normal, considering the fact that your child spreads bacteria in the house. This means that everyone at home is likely to become sick, including you.

There are many ways to protect yourself against getting the infection but no matter how hard you try, sometimes you can get sick as well. So what next? How do you take care of your infants when you are sick? Our suggestions are listed below. Be sure to read them.

Before it begins...

As soon as you notice the symptoms, act fast. Take some precautions such as cough drops, syrup, facial tissues, vitamin C, tea or even soup. Ask your doctor to prescribe you something to relieve the symptoms and shake the cold away.

Wash your hands frequently and always cover your face with a tissue to avoid the spread of bacteria onto your child. If you're breastfeeding, it will be best to discuss the matter with your health care provider. Quite possibly you'll have to quit breastfeeding for a while.

Ask a family member to help you

The best way to prevent your child from getting sick is to ask somebody else to help you while you're down with the sickness. Lucky parents always have somebody out there that can give them a helping hand in case of emergency, and this is emergency, right? It's not a sin to let another person take care of your child for a while. You are a human being and just like the rest you need proper food and
rest. Whether a spouse, neighbour, friend or an old relative, if someone else has agreed to help you take care of your infant while you are recovering, just say “Yes!” Spending some time on your own and in bed will do wonders.

Soon you will be on your feet again ready for new everyday challenges that your life as a parent offers you all the time.

When you're sick, your health is the most important thing

This means that you need to put everything else aside and focus on your rest and comfort. Ignore the pile of clothes in your laundry basket, leave the floor dirty, decide not to cook tonight and just lie down in bed. Cleaning is not your priority right now. In fact you'll clean all the mess right after you recover from the illness. No need to worry. Your family will understand. In fact you can ask your loved ones to do the chores while you are busy dealing with the sickness. Perhaps your spouse will be able to do some cleaning, after all your house doesn't need to be sparkling. A quick sweep of the floor will do the trick. You must always know that can do that job for you. As a 21-st century person you are supposed to have a washing machine, so there is no need to worry about your dirty clothes. Laundering is easy these days.

So, our advice is to keep calm and wait for the storm to pass. All you need is rest and everything is going to be fine.

Did you find these tips useful? It is difficult to take care of your child when you are sick, but with the right attitude and a little planning you'll get over it soon. Let's just hope you don't have to go through this very often. Be safe, stay healthy!

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