Thursday, October 23, 2014

#Halloween Candy Buy Back Program!

Halloween is almost here and there is nothing more exciting to my children then putting on their carefully selected costumes and head out to trick-or-treat! 

This Halloween, we want your family to experience the same excitement, but with an even more fulfilling aftermath so the annual Halloween Candy Buy Back Program is back to shine for another year. 

In 2005, the organization was founded as a way to get kids' excess Halloween candy "off the streets." The program has since teamed up with Spry and Operation Gratitude, together they will partner with dentist offices nationwide to collect children's Halloween candy to send to troops overseas along with toothbrushes and necessary oral care items. This simple act of kindness not only gives soldiers a "Halloween away from home," but it enables children to exchange their Halloween candy and receive a token in return, whether it be a new toothbrush, a dollar per pound of candy exchanged, or other small prizes provided by the participating dental practices.

For the first time, the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program will be sponsored by Spry Dental Defense System. Spry products, which include gums, mints, and other oral care products, utilize the ingredient xylitol, which is a naturally-occurring sugar that has amazing dental benefits. This year, Spry will be teaming up with the participating dental practices to offer their healthy Halloween treats and other oral care products to give children as an incentive in exchange for their extra Halloween candy.

Why not be good to your children's teeth and participate in a great cause? As a parent, teaching a child to give back is essential lesson and this Halloween they will have the perfect opportunity to do so!

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