Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall 2014 #Make-Up #Trends to Follow! #Beauty

Every lady that pays attention to her appearance follows the modernity's in the makeup trends. In the twenty-first century there is a great diversity in makeups, according to their price, type and color. You can pick up whatever you want from the nearest store and to use for special occasion or simply in your daily makeup for work. A self respecting woman will choose carefully the makeup trends that are most appropriate for her, without forgetting to combine the makeup with the suitable clothes. If you want to understand more about the hottest 2014 Fall makeup trends, you will receive detailed information in this article of the most stylish and modern makeup trends that are popular this fall. Although some of them may look very strange and different, they are very stylish and they are the great contribution for the immaculate appearance of a woman.

Traditionally fall is the right moment to experiment with richer colors, as the temperatures are lower and the makeup would last for a longer time.

Here are some of Tenancy Clean Camden fresh suggestions for 2014:

Cherry Berry Lips and Full Brows
This represents a stylish makeup trend that includes pinkish purple lipstick that makes the lips look just fantastic. Although bold brows are often considered masculine, in this combination they are more arched and look very elegant with the pink lipstick.

The cat, smoky brown eyes
This makeup is specially designed for ladies that have the pleasure to possess sparkling brown eyes. For this purpose a dusty brown shadow is used and it is put all over the woman's lids, up to the eyebrows. In this manner, the whole eye is lined with the same shade. Finally a powder brush is used for the softening of the edges. This makeup trend is famous for its simplicity but with the amazing effect that it has on the brown eye. Very fresh and not difficult to be made at home. The effect is really mesmerizing and it is almost like you are in a fairy tale. First, the woman's lips are lined with eyeliner and then by using a loose glitter the lips are given an outstanding look.

The sparkling brown lips
Yes, you have heard right, the brown lips are the latest modernity of the Fall 2014. Even if this sounds weird for you, we assure you that this is an excellent makeup for special occasions. Of course , the colour of the lips is combined with a suitable eye shadow, again in brown. It looks very sophisticated and innovative way to make your face look gorgeous and really different.

After we have introduced to your attention some of the latest makeup trends for fall 2014, we will focus on the cleaning of your favorite makeup because it is a major procedure for keeping your skin in a healthy condition. We advise you to clean your makeup every day before going to sleep with a tonic , that is specially designated for your type of skin. This is very important moment unless you want to feel the skin of your face dry or greasy due to the use of an inappropriate tonic for cleaning purposes. Watch out for makeups whose quality is under question and do not take the risk to put them on your face. If your skin is allergic towards certain substances that are found in the makeup, be very careful when you buy these things and do not use those ones who cause rushes or other unpleasant side effects. Remember that the clean skin is the first step to the nice appearance of your face.

These are some of the latest fall makeup trends for 2014. They are very attractive and stylish and you can try them for different types of occasions. Experiment with the makeup and find the one that will best suit your face. After all, the makeup always makes the look of the woman's face more beautiful and appealing. However, keep in mind that using much makeup is not preferred, so we advise you to choose the one that is most appropriate for the type of your face.

About the Author: Shannon provides guaranteed cleaning in N10. She has sensitive skin and pays attention when choosing make-up. In the last couple of months she has tried making her own organic products and the results are pretty good! 

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