Thursday, October 16, 2014

Electrician #Tips to Recover Your Unsafe Electrical Wiring

**This is a guest post by Jake Hyet**

Unsafe electrical wiring isn't only dangerous, it can be deadly. It can cause shocks, fires, and a whole host of other electrical hazards. We all need to know when it's time for a electrical inspection by a company like Static Electricians to make absolutely certain that old or unsafe electrical wiring will not endanger our home or the lives of the people inside it. Here are some electrician tips on how to recover your unsafe electrical wiring: 

Electrical Inspection 
Electrical defects are frequently present but hidden from normal view in attics and crawl spaces, which makes them very hard to find. In some cases there can even be electrical equipment added by previous untrained homeowners. This can complicate the inspection because an electrician will find violations in grounding, knob-and-tube wiring, aluminum wiring fuse panels, and service entrances. But electricians, like a Static Electrician, unlike the average home owner, know where to look for almost every possible electrical danger. 

An electrical inspection is a complete and thorough examination of a home's wiring by a highly qualified and experienced electrician. They need to be absolutely certain that your home or place of business is in total compliance with the requirements of minimum standard as stated by the electrical code of your state.

After the inspection and assessment, a report is issued which is your written confirmation that your home has been inspected to determine that it meets minimum electrical code standards. This report can be used as proof to answer questions by potential buyers if you are going to sell your home, real estate agents, and insurance companies. It can be a big help to you as far as the resale value of your home goes and may even reduce your insurance costs. 

Signs to Look For 
Here are some indications that you may need an electrical inspection of your home by someone like a Static Electrician: 

1. Loose or damaged plugs
2. Damaged and/or frayed electrical cords
3. Fuses that blow out or circuit breakers that keep tripping, or circuits that won't work when fuses are replaced or breakers reset
4. Dim or flickering lights

Outdated Fuse Boxes
Old fuse boxes were not made to endure the stress caused by the use of high voltage electrical
appliance like flat screen TVs, DVD players, computers, etc. The incredible volume of such power can make old fuse boxes melt, which results in bad electrical wiring issues and turning them into fire hazards. In this case the old fuse box must be replaced. 

The same is true about old circuit breakers. They are a fire hazard because they simply cannot handle overloads and have many bad electrical wiring issues. In this case there is nothing to do but have a newer model installed. 

Worn Out Electrical Outlets and Plugs 
Electrical outlets can last a long time, but eventually they will wear out. When plugs begin to fall out, either your electrical outlet or your plug needs replacing. These are bad electrical wiring issues that can lead to fire or even electrocution if not dealt with. 

In all of these cases, when having to deal with bad electrical wiring issues, the best move that you can make is to call in a trained electrician like those at Static Electricians. They will fix the problem and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done correctly by an experienced professional. 

Biography: Jake Hyet is considered an expert on electricity, having worked as a Static Electrician for He has written extensively on the topic of electricity.

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