Sunday, October 26, 2014

Educational Learning Apps ~ Kid's Academy Children's Apps! #FreeKidsApps #MomBuzz

**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kid's Academy Educational Kids Apps**

Educational learning apps are something that has not always been around...when my daughters were little, we had to relay on books, school and anything else we could find to fulfill their desire to learn. Once again, I have little ones, two sons ages 5 and 9, and although the desire to learn hasn't changed, the way they go about it sure has! My boys are constantly on the iPad, smartphones or computers looking for fun (educational) games to play. As a mom, I tend to be picky about which games they are playing but the apps from Kid's Academy fit the bill!

This app is awesome for the little ones and is perfect for introducing your preschool or even an eager to learn toddler to a wide variety of skills. Word recognition, letter recognition, letter sounds, number recognition, counting and many other vital skills are available on this app. It's well designed to catch the eye of a young child and keep their interest with the characters and color schemes. 

Learning should be fun and as a mom of four, I know how important that is in an educational app. This app is perfect for encouraging your young child to begin learning while having fun with rhyming games, mazes and other fun games. They will love playing games that begin teaching them letter recognition and beginning writing skills that will get them ready to start school!

Children love games like least mine always have and this app provides them the opportunity to learn the alphabet along with their favorite farm animals. They learn phonics and even get to have a little fun with karaoke and singing some cute songs. 

All three of these educational apps are great resources for young children and provide the opportunity to begin learning while having a great time. Apps are available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.

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