Thursday, September 25, 2014

The very special Dr. Seuss wall quotes! #homedecoration

I find quotes very inspiring. I mean some actually connect with life experiences. I like reading Dr. Seuss quotes. I was personally inclined to them because of the meaning they possess. And, they are very inspiring. It was just a few weeks ago that I found Dr. Seuss wall quotes on the net. I was like these quotes are really cool and they will be used by me someday.

Quoting the wall

With that said I was just starting up with my new office as my new business was about to begin in digital media. So my office had to be equally creative not flashy but creative. I wanted my space to be unique and something that keeps me going always. Running a business can be stressful. And sometimes, when you are down, at that moment you need something to bounce back. I looked upon the wall and imagined, what would I like to see there, that’s when, I remembered the Dr. Seuss wall quotes, which I was going to use them one day.

Selecting the appropriate quote

I started looking for these kinds of wall decals. I found some using the internet and ecommerce sites. But, that’s when I realized that there are very selective ones. So, I started browsing and I finally found one that spoke my thoughts. This one made sense as it spoke about growth and business is all about growth. So, I decided to get that very quote.

Then, it clicked me why not use this as creativity and to have at least one Dr. Seuss wall quotes in the corner of the room? Well yes, it would make a difference and looking at something like this, could act as an aspiration to my employees, to work even more. I was perplexed and excited at the same time. What a concept that was! Really maybe that’s how entrepreneurs think and work.

Dr. Seuss wall quotes were easy to put up. It needed good technique to paste them on the wall, but that’s easy to figure out. I had it my office and in the other room of my office. It looked sophisticated, but has been a great motivation factor for me and my employees. The wall quotes do have some kind of aura and a factor of perseverance. They are also a creative way to decorate the walls. And don’t forget that you can custom names out of your willing. In fact, they have been used widely these days, as they add a different type of glamour to the interiors.

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