Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Camps ~ They're NOT all the same! #summercamp

As a child I attended summer camp for several years and for the most part enjoyed every minute of the experience. Thank goodness that my parents chose a great place for me to spend my summer vacation and actually did some research before committing me to weeks of being away from home and in a strange place.

There are a wide variety of summer camps to choose from when considering where to send your child for a mini-vacation. In addition to the usual camp that includes swimming, crafts, canoeing, archery and other fun, outdoor activities, there are specialized summer camps for those that are involved in specific extra-curricular activities throughout the year. For those who are athletic there are countless options to choose from. I looked online and found a lot of sports sleep-away camp information

For the young athlete who would like to focus on their chosen sport and continue their training even in the off season or summer, there are many week-long specialty sports camps including soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf and even gymnastics in addition to so many other available options. At these specialized camps, your child will receive intensive training in the desired sport and the tips and training received are meant to increase the skill and technique for the coming sports season to hopefully be followed throughout their sports career. 

If you are a parent who is considering a week long or sleep-away camp for your teenager, then you should know that there numerous resources that are there to help you find the perfect summer or athletic camp. As a parent, your responsibility is to ensure the best for your children, and making the right choice in a summer or sports camp is one of those responsibilities. We wouldn't want our children to attend a camp that didn't offer what we thought it should or did not give our children what they were seeking. 

Take time to look in to the details of each camp and talk to your child to be sure that you know their specific needs and wants in a summer camp. Good luck!

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