Monday, September 1, 2014

Eco friendly way to repel #mosquitoes this Summer! #eco-friendly

When Summer is finally here you couldn't be more happy about spending your free time outdoors where the fresh air makes you feel really relaxed and happy. The moment of relaxation are essential for every person who has had a busy working day, stuck into the office, without the possibility of feeling the outdoor atmosphere. And now, everything is just perfect until the annoying mosquitoes show up their faces. Or more accurately until you feel that these irritating insects have tasted a little bit of your blood. Everyone is well familiar with the unpleasant effect that the mosquitoes could have on our skin, and to more sensitive people. If you are not keen on the idea to hide in your home until the rest of the Summer, we want to introduce you some eco friendly ways in which you can easily get rid of them without polluting the nature in any way.

Instead of thinking about why the mosquitoes bite exactly you, and not your best friend or mother, you can simply devote some of your time to explore some natural ways and advice which can turn out to be really excellent decision the mosquito problem. 

The effective spray 
It is very easy to be prepared and the results are immediate. The only things that you will need are half a cup of fresh rosemary with one cup of boiling water. Leave this solution to steep for about an hour and then find appropriate spritz bottle and put in the fridge. Whenever you feel the need to protect yourself against the mosquitoes spray some of the solution on to your skin and wait for the immediate results. You will enjoy your free time outdoors without problems. 

The oil decision 
If you are a fan of the oils, there is also a possible alternative for dealing with the mosquitoes in this way. You need to mix 2 tablespoons with olive oil together with 10 drops of essential oil, chosen from the following ones: cloves, basil, lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary, lavender and others. You can find these essential oils in health food stores. Put them in a glass jar and put a few drops on your clothes or skin. Take into account that different oils have different effect on people, so if you want to achieve the best possible results we advise you to experiment more. 

Bats decision 
If you have been interested in biology you will know that bats eat mosquitoes and if you want to achieve really astonishing results you can attract them by building  or buying a bat house in your home. This is really innovative idea, however it it will definitely help you to get rid of these insects. Despite the fact that it is not very ''clean'' and innocent idea, it is a suitable decision, especially if  you live in a house and you are constantly spending your Summer night outdoors. 

When you are dealing with the mosquitoes do not forget that sooner or late you will need to clean your skin, if you have exposed it to all of these sprays and oils. No matter of the fact that they are entirely eco friendly, each skin is sensitive to certain influences, so its appropriate cleaning is as vital as the protection from the mosquitoes is. If you follow these tips we are sure that you will soon get rid of all the mosquitoes that are constantly irritating you during the Summer. We promise that you will be able to relax in the best possible way, once you try to be creative and to experiment with these eco friendly ways. 

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