Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cleaning Tip ~ #Cleaning up those Refrigerator Drawers!

How often do you clean your refrigerator drawers? If you're like me, that's one of those things I tend to overlook and not do as often as I should.

I discovered some super easy tips for keeping my refrigerator bins clean and ideas for easy clean up. I bought a couple rolls of inexpensive drawer liner from my local dollar store. I simply measured and cut the liner to the appropriate size for my drawer and put it in place. I even used these liners on the shelves of my refrigerator and I absolutely love that idea...I can easily wipe up any spills or messes.

There are other options for lining your drawers...paper towels work just as well and instead of wiping up the mess, you can merely replace the paper towels as needed. Paper towels are also excellent for absorbing any moisture in the drawer, which helps to extend the life of your fruit and veggies!

With either method, your cleaning time can be cut down quite a bit and leave time for more exciting activities! 

What is your best cleaning tip for the kitchen?

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