Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best skincare ~ Organic Make-Up!

Have you ever estimated the exact sum of money you spend on cosmetics and make up every year? How many times have you experienced unpleasant Allergy outbursts and rashes caused by poor quality skin and make up products? 

According to a popular belief, the more expensive the product is, the more effective and harmless to the skin it is. That's the general rule but unfortunately most people can not afford it to buy luxurious cosmetics and substitute it with some less expensive equivalents, which leads to an unpleasant outcome. Why don't you take your time and find your natural skincare products that lack all the harmful ingredients, widely advertised as effective for cleaning and energizing the skin, and all the artificial colors, believed to be durable and gentle to the skin.

It is a well known fact that keeping your hands clean all the times is a must if you want to prevent serious health issues. But what kind of soap should you use for washing your hands? Of course, an organic one. These can be found in any specialized store. They naturally moisturize your skin and eliminate all the germs.

If you have a sensitive skin you can completely forget about the products that have parabens, synthetic colors, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances among the ingredients. 

These are commonly used and said to be harmless but the truth is pretty different. Anyway, read the labels carefully and opt for a “cleaner” solution although it might be slightly more expensive. In addition, the organic make up products have a few more advantages. They are durable, do not clog the pores, help irritated skin, have anti inflammatory properties and last but not least, they are water resistant.

According to a popular belief, the chemicals, some skin products contain prevent ageing and wrinkles more effectively than the natural ones but that's another urban myth you don't have to take into consideration. Choose cosmetics that nourishes the skin and fight the signs of ageing naturally and you will be able to tell the difference soon.

There is one important thing you have to know about the organic skin products. Avoid buying them in large quantities because, unlike the ones, full of chemicals, the natural ones have much shorter shelf life.

As far as the foundation and the make up in general is concerned, there is a great difference between the conventional and the organic ones. Natural cosmetics consist of plant extracts, mineral pigments and they can make the skin look smooth and health. Plus, they assure your protection from the harmful UV rays.

You have to be extremely careful when choosing a lipstick. Don't pay attention to the color only but read the ingredients carefully. It is important to avoid using lipsticks that contain petroleum or lead because once put on your lips, lipsticks quickly get absorbed into your body.

However, there is another sigh of the coin. Many people think that anything that is edible can be put onto your skin but that's far from the truth. The natural beauty products have to contain useful and harmless to the skin ingredients indeed but would you dare to put a lemon on an irritated skin? The result will be disastrous, right? Bearing this example in mind, you should entrust the beauty specialists. In other words, reading the labels and buying natural make up products is undoubtedly beneficial to your skin but the quantities of these ingredients are also important. Preparing your own natural product may not lead to the desired results unless you know how to mix the ingredients.

About the Author: Shannon provides guaranteed cleaning in N10. She has a sensitive skin and pays attention when choose her make up. In the last couple of months she tries to make her own organic products and the results are pretty good.

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