Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vaping ~ Is it for YOU? #vapes #vaping

I may be a bit behind on what is "in" but I'm definitely a fast learner! I recently discovered something new to me called "Vaping." I've heard of e-cigarettes before but vaping is a bit different and much more appealing as something I would be interested in doing. By definition, "vaping" is the act of inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. 

After doing some research I found out that most people are drawn to vaping in order to quit smoking but others (like me) merely like the idea of a new hobby with some really cool flavors and no calories! My husband discovered the concept of vaping while working in North Dakota in the oilfield. Many of the guys that he works with have made the switch from cigarettes and other forms of tobacco for vaping products so that they can use them while on the job and while traveling back and forth from home to work on the airplane, train or other vehicle. 

These cool new devices consist of a batter, atomiser and a cartridge containing nicotine (if desired). When inhaled, the solution is vaporised and delivers a nicotine hit to the lungs without any tar or toxins. 

There are many products to choose from when getting started and although one might automatically choose the least expensive, that may not be the most effective especially if you are trying to kick the smoking habit. The design choices are endless and the cost can vary from product to products but finding the right device for you is important, especially if vaping is being used to stop smoking rather than as a hobby.

The coolest thing about vaping for me is that you can choose from so many countless flavors! If you love fruit flavors, coffee flavors or even a mixture then there is a flavor for you! 

For more information and for all of your vaping needs, visit the Vapes website!

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